If This Were Easy…



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I’ve been using the Proactiv for just over a week, and switched to the two times a day as recommended. I’m not adding a new thing for this week since I had to pick up the second instance of the Proactiv routine.

It does seem to be helping. My face isn’t perfect by a long shot, but it looks a little better. That could just be a cyclical thing, though, as my acne tends to be very hormonally driven.



…I wouldn’t listen to infomercials

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I bought a Proactiv kit, not so much because of the informercials, but because I’ve had two different friends who tried it and liked it.

I have some $400 worth of expensive cleansers and creams that I bought at a spa, and they did a fantastic job of making all of my skin that wasn’t a pimple look clean and shiny. Didn’t do a damned thing for my acne, though.

So now I’m trying this Proactiv thing — once a day for the first week, and then twice a day after that. We’ll see whether it helps.

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