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Weekend Update

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My mom was here this weekend, so some things kind of went by the wayside. I did a bit of neck-laying-on-the-floor-thingy, but not twice every day. And 15 minutes of cleaning went down in flames, too. *She* might have done 15 minutes of cleaning every day, but I certainly didn’t. Writing 100 words also didn’t happen.

Everything else pretty much did, though, so that was good. I even went to the gym on Friday and Monday mornings while she was here, as scheduled.

Last night I got caught up in watching the Olympic Tri, and cheering for Simon Whitfield, and around Midnight when it ended, realized I couldn’t possibly finish all the things I needed to and still hit Midnight, so I left cleaning for another day. I also totally forgot the feet thing since I hadn’t yet added it to my checklist. D’oh. I guess that chain will start today.



…I would stand on my own two feet

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My soft, uncalloused own two feet.

I have some lovely stuff (actually, it’s pretty nasty stuff, mostly urea, ewww!, but I try not to think about that) that’s supposed to make my feet all shiny and nice and remove the yucky dead skin, that I rarely use.

So I’m putting it on my twice a day list.

Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula

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