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Snoozing and not snoozing

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I’m finding my new routine of letting myself snooze twice and then forcing myself up to be working much better than other alternatives I’ve tried.

This morning I got up for a bit, but because I didn’t sleep well last night, ended up going back to bed for another hour after awhile, because I really felt I needed the extra sleep — but I didn’t have any problems getting out of bed in the first place, which has been the problem up to this point.

Just getting my feet on the floor is a victory.



Giving in…

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I’m still deeply struggling with the sleep scheduling thing. I get to bed by midnight (plus five or so minutes grace time) every night, but come the next morning, I just can’t get out of bed. I love the warm and the dreams and the goodness of snooze time, and so instead of getting up, I just lay there thinking in lolcatish, “DO NOT WANT!” Which isn’t really the same warmness and goodness that I love, so I’m having a crappier version of the experience that I miss, but not so crappy that I get out of bed anyway.

It’s really been frustrating me, but I recently got an email from someone I had emailed on MetaFilter. She had Ask.Metafiltered a question about fighting her snooze habit, and I had sent her something about my own struggles and ended it with a reminder that ‘snoozing is bad’ is a value judgement that she doesn’t necessarily have to buy into. That if she really loves to snooze, she should schedule her life to allow her to snooze, in full recognition that she’s choosing snoozing over other things because she enjoys it more.

That was a couple of months ago, and she just recently noticed the Me.Mail and wrote me back. Which made me read my advice to her. And realize that it’s pretty darned good advice.

Snoozing for an hour or more every morning was not working for me. But not snoozing is also not working for me.

I’m changing the definition of my snoozing rule — instead of no snoozing, I’m going to give in and allow myself one glorious 9 minute snooze period every morning. And then, because I find it easier to get up when it’s quiet instead of when my radio is blaring at me, I’m going to give myself another 5 minutes or so.

After that, my incredibly fucking annoying cell phone alarm is going to ring in the living room, so if I haven’t gotten up to shut it off by then, I’ll actually want to get out of bed.


In which only some things went to hell in a handbasket…

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See that? I’m not saying it all went wrong. Mental progress!

So, last weekend I went out on a pub crawl with friends and didn’t crawl into bed until close to 4AM, then got up and went to this giant food event where I ate way too much in the stunning heat, and came home and napped for 2 hours (or, more specifically, napped for 1 hour twice) and this has completely fucked up my sleep schedule.

I’m finding it hard to get to bed and hard to get up in the morning and ARGH.

I have made it to the gym 2 days this week, but in the late afternoon, rather than the morning, like I should.

I’ve also not been doing my neck thing, as last week was that time of the month, and this week I just haven’t bothered. But I got grumped at by the chiropractor this morning, so I guess I should start that up again.

I missed a couple of days of writing, too, because Serena and Lance are trapped in a frigging hospital room and I can’t write them out of it no matter how hard I try because it’s not in the nature of Serena’s character to just leave her Little Sister alone in the hospital, no matter how hot the guy who wants to take her to dinner is. In fact, she’s probably less likely to do it for a hot guy, because that’ll just make her feel more guilty. Stupid characters and their stupid internal consistency issues.

I did do some work over the week on my good in concept less good in execution stories for my writer’s workshop that I didn’t end up going to anyway, because of extreme scheduling confusion and the need to go to the gym yesterday evening since I hadn’t gone yesterday morning. I might post those later.

And yesterday I forgot to eat a vegetable. I mean, there were some vegetables in some of the things I ate (tomatoes, mainly) but nothing your mom would look and call eating your veg. It was a find day nutritionally otherwise, just duh on the veggies.



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Still pointless and annoying, but now that I’ve figured out how to work the software, absolutely fascinating at the same time.

I’m not sure staring at little slidey bars that say when I woke up in the night is worth $200, though. Especially not as the watch only stores a single day of data, so you have to upload it every flipping day.


Side effects.

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Because I use my yoga ball every day to do the PT exercises, I discovered that I could easily get up and down off the floor by rolling off of and onto the ball, instead of hurting my knees by kneeling.

Because I was already on the floor doing my neck thing, I finally got around to cleaning out the underneath of my desk, ridding it of papers, pairs of shoes, and empty water bottles.

Because I cleaned out the underside of my desk, I’ve found it much easier to do my PT exercises, since I don’t keep whacking my feet on things while I’m trying to circle them.


Also, if my sleeptracker watch wasn’t so profoundly annoying, I probably wouldn’t have hit the snooze button 7 times this morning.

Not so amazing.


Quickie Update

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There’s no new thing for this week, since I’m revisiting last week’s new neck thing, now that it’s not that time of the month anymore.

The 15 minutes a day cleaning project has now officially cleaned every part of my apartment at least once. Some things have been done more than once and some things need to be done again, but the space under my desk was the last uncleaned spot, and I did that tonight.

Curves is going pretty well. I’m getting there MWF and not hating it. And the people are very chatty, which is what I like about it, so that’s good.

I got my sleeptracker watch on Friday and at this point, I think it’s likely to go back. It’s not really helping as much as just going to bed at the same time every night did, and it doesn’t really seem to detect periods where I’m ‘more wakeful’. It detects periods where I’m completely wide awake and actively rolling over. I don’t exactly have difficulty detecting those points in my night — when I’m deliberately moving pillows, I know I’m awake. Duh.


Reality Bites

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I decided to return my bedroom clock to a semblance of reality. I have, in a battle with my snooze buttoning tendancies, adjusted my clock forward, rather than my alarm backwards, when I needed to be up a few minutes earlier. It’s gradually worked it’s way to 16 minutes out of step with everyone else in the Eastern timezone.

Since I want to go to bed at actual midnight, I’d like my clock to reflect actual midnight. So, I set my clock according to the time on my cell phone and then moved my alarm back from 8am to 7:30, which is really only getting me up 14 minutes earlier.

Depending on how I feel about that, I may change it back to 7:45, which is basically what it was set at before, when it said 8. We’ll see.


Not snoozing and not not snoozing

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Here’s an interesting thing.

At 7:45 this morning, I was wide awake and thinking ‘Man, it’s really bright in here, and I’m very awake. Did my alarm not go off?’ And then I looked at my clock and was surprising to discover that it was 7:45. I was convinced that it was at least 10am.

I gave serious thought to just getting up at that point, but thought, eh, I’ll just lay here for 15 minutes and let my shoulder (which is still sore, btw) rest in the one position that makes it happy these days.

15 minutes later when my actual alarm went off, it was a mad struggle to not immediately hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. I had to slowly force my eyes open with my hair hanging in my face to keep it from being too painfully bright, and I had to seriously will myself to listen to the inanity that is Gender Defender on the radio so I wouldn’t go back to sleep. It was hard.

And yet, not 15 minutes before, I’d been bright shiny awake.

It makes me wonder about these Sleeptracker watches and whether they’d work. Obviously at some point this morning I was pretty okay with the idea of getting up, but just a few minutes later, I was decidedly not okay with the idea of getting up.

That could be just the snooze alarm conditioning — waking up and looking at the clock and then going back to sleep for just a few minutes might have sent me into my snooze pattern of never wanting to get up. But maybe there’s something to the sleep cycle thing, and 15 minutes earlier was the right time for my body to wake up, while 15 minutes later, I was firmly back in zzz zzz zzzz territory.

Has anyone tried the sleeptracker watch at all? Does it work?


Ticky box!

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I had two ‘negative’ goals on Joe’s Goals — snoozing and swabbing my ears.

In theory, positive goals are things you’re trying to do, like going to the gym, while negative goals are things you’re trying not to do, like hit the snooze button. In practice, though, it’s must more satisfying to not let yourself hit the snooze button and then give yourself a nice little happy face in your ticky box than it is to just leave a box blank.

So I flipped those goals around (and probably messed up changing all the old entries around, but oh, well) to make them positive goals so I could give myself ticky marks for achieving them instead of not giving myself ticky marks for achieving them. It’s just more logical that way.


If you’re going to snooze…

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I couldn’t sleep last night. First I stayed up late and watched Numb3rs on Showcase, then I got caught up in what I was doing while I watched Numb3rs on Showcase, so it was really late when I went to bed. Also, it got hot in here all of a sudden around midnight and while I could have turned on the air conditioning, that would have involved walking up 3 flights of stairs, which would have made me extra-not sleepy and been very loud, as well. Plus, I drank a lot of water and ate a lot of watermelon yesterday, so I had to get up twice to pee.

By the time my alarm went off at 8 this morning, I’d probably had less than 2 hours of actual sleep. So I changed it to 9. When it went off at 9, I changed it to 10. When it went off at 10, I still couldn’t face the world, so I hit the snooze button once before I got up.

Clearly I should have practiced non-snoozing on the weekend like I’d planned.


How to get up right away when your alarm goes off…

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Someone mentioned this article, How to get up right away when your alarm goes off, on a MetaFilter thread about breaking your snooze addiction.

I think it’s a tremendously interesting idea, and since I now have most of Sunday free as my bookclub was canceled, I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes.


Not really an Oops.

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I snoozed three times this morning. In terms of my previous snoozing practices, this is relatively tame. It does, however, break the chain.

And it wasn’t like I did it instinctively or anything. When my alarm went off this morning I thought about getting up and then I thought about not getting up and deliberately decided in favor of not getting up.

I can’t figure out if deliberately deciding to sleep in is better or worse than sleeping in out of force of habit.

In other news, I will, once again, be out of town for several days this weekend. It’s a good thing I carry a notebook to keep tabs on my checklist.


Missed. Damn.

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I missed two goals Friday. The first was no snoozing. That one is really one I’m finding insanely difficult. I’d probably find it easier if I didn’t so often start the previous day’s ‘write 100 words’ task at Midnight, I suppose.

I also missed writing 100 words that day. Just wasn’t feeling it at all, and couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Cleaning 15 minutes a day, on the other hand, is going quite well. Not that my house is, by any stretch of the imagination, approaching clean. But my laundry is basically caught up and several kitchen counters that I haven’t seen in months are visible. After only a week, I count this as significant progress.

I also wanted to mention something in re water drinking. Which is that I have a nearly full case of coke zero that has been a nearly full case of coke zero for over a month now. Admittedly, I have spent a not insignificant portion of the past few months away from home, but I’ve basically stopped drinking soda in the house entirely. If I go out to eat, or bring takeout home, I’ll generally get a drink and have soda then, but otherwise, I never quite get around to it.

I have my water schedule set up with the idea of drinking one glass in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. And if it’s the afternoon and I’m thirsty, I stop and drink my afternoon glass of water before I reach for a can of coke, with the thought that if I’m still thirsty after, I’ll have the coke then. And that never happens.

It’s really quite astounding that I’ve managed to basically kill a 4 can a day coke habit without even trying.



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On Tuesday, I missed two goals — no snoozing and writing for the day. I didn’t manage to get out of bed without snoozing in the morning — I was just laying there not able to bring myself to do it. I’d been up late the night before reading a trashy novel, and I knew my bedroom carpets were still wet from the flooding on Monday and the thought of getting out of my nice warm bed and stepping onto the wet squishy carpet was just not something I could deal with until I’d had a bit more sleep.

The wet carpets were also why I didn’t get any writing done. I should have gone to my writers group’s Harlequin committee meeting, which I would have counted as writerly enough, but I was so knackered from dealing with the carpets that I had a long nap, instead.

Yesterday was better — I got all my goals in, including the 15 minutes of cleaning. I spent the first 10 minutes catching up on my shredding.

I used to think the whole idea that people would steal my identity via my garbage kind of absurd — what, really, were the chances that someone would choose my garbage to go through? But then I threw away an expired passport at one point, and a week or two later, that passport showed up, no envelope or anything, in my mailbox. That kind of freaked me out. I mean, obviously it was returned to me, so I wasn’t all that worried that my identity had been stolen, but if my passport that I threw away ended up back with me, clearly someone was looking at my garbage more closely than I was comfortable with.

So now I try to shred bills and financial statements before I toss them, and last night I did that for my cleaning of the day. Well, that and emptying the dishwasher.

The shredding was way more fun.


Not so much.

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I got caught up in reading a trashy romance novel last night (instead of reading ‘How to Write Romance’ which is what I should have been doing in advance of tonight’s Harlequin Committee meeting) and stayed up until about 4am to finish it. Not snoozing thus did not happen today. It really is the hardest thing I’ve put on my list so far.


Zzzz zzz zzz

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Not snoozing is definitely the hardest thing I’ve added to my life yet. Fortunately, it’s the weekend, and the no-snooze goal is not in effect. I’m still not using the snooze button — when my alarm goes off in the morning, I turn it off and go back to sleep.

It’s been suggested that I could just turn it off the night before, and not have it go off at all, but I’ve found having the alarm wake me up on weekends makes it much less painful when Monday rolls around again.

I’m still undecided on what to add next week. I was aiming for adding ‘go to the gym’, but two things need to happen first before I add that — I need to transfer my Curves membership to the one near my house, since I hate the one in Vaughn and it’s farther away and I need to get over the nasty ass case of bronchitis / cold that I’ve been running for 3 weeks now.


Not a real snooze…

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Habits die hard.

This morning, I was already awake when my alarm clock went off, and specifically thinking about the no-snoozing challenge at the time. And yet, the radio came on, and I immediately reached over and smacked the snooze button.

And then thought to myself ‘Oh, shit! I wasn’t supposed to do that.’

So I got up right away anyway.

Obviously that’s not counting as an actual snooze, since I didn’t go back to bed for 9 minutes, but it’s still funny how even while actively thinking about not snoozing, the snooze habit is so ingrained that I did it anyway.


…I would be a morning person

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This week’s new thing is not snoozing in the morning.

Generally, I keep my alarm set for 8am, and then just hit the snooze button until whatever time I actually want to get up. On weekends, I still let it go off at 8, but then I turn it off and go back to sleep.

Keeping it set at 8am makes it a lot less painful to actually get up at 8am on those days when I need to. On the other hand, it means that most days, I get nearly 2 hours of my sleep in 9 minute increments.

So I’m going to try getting out of bed when my alarm goes off, at least during the week.  On weekends, I still plan to turn it off and go back to sleep.

I’ve temporarily moved it up to 9am — the next time I need to be up by 8 isn’t until next Thursday, so I figured I could give myself a week of slight sleeping in to adjust to the non-snoozing and them move it back to 8 next week.

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