If This Were Easy…


…I would read all about it

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I should probably be doing something about the fact that I’m being slack about recording what I eat or the fact that what I eat is generally terrible for me this week. Or, perhaps I could restart last week’s timeliness goal, which was an abject failure in which I never figured out quite how to keep track of the timeliness thing and thus never even started. But I already wrote a reason to go with this new thing, so I’m doing this anyway.

Dietary rehabilitation can wait until next week.

This week, I’m adding ‘read a book’ to my list of things to do every day. Not a whole book, that would be silly. But some part of a book — 10 pages, a chapter, a short story.

I used to read almost every night before I went to sleep, but since I imposed the limit of going to bed at midnight, and also added a zillion things I needed to do before I went to bed at midnight, that’s really fallen to the wayside. So now I’m making myself make time to read.


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