If This Were Easy…



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I went to bed at midnight last night. I got up before 8am this morning. Now I am teh sl33py.

zzzz zzz zzz

At least I don’t have to worry about the midnight ticky mark for today, because I’m going to bed early.



Today’s new thing…

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… is going to bed by midnight, which will hopely lead into tomorrow’s new thing, not snoozing, and with any luck, those two things together will finally get my sleep schedule back on track.

It’s not that I’m still jet lagged, it’s that I haven’t pushed myself to get back to my proper routine since I got home from the west coast. So tonight that’s my goal.


Getting my shit together day 427

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Okay, it hasn’t been quite 427 days, it just feels that way.

Last week’s efforts to get my shit together didn’t result in much shit being got together. It was a rough week for a couple of reasons, and a busy week, too, and between those two things, a lot of ticky marks went unclaimed.

This week, however, has been much, much better. I’ve been missing ‘going to bed at midnight’ but other than that, I’ve mostly been getting all the other ticky marks. It’s not a great trade, sleep for ticky marks, but I really, really needed to get back on track, so for a short time, I think it was worth it.

Also, this week, I figured out how I actually could monitor the timeliness of completing my tasks, so unlike the last time I promised it, that actually will be next week’s new thing.


Getting my shit together summary of day 1.

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Well, progress was made. I managed to get most my ticky boxes yesterday.

I didn’t make it to bed by midnight, as I didn’t get home from bookclub followed by grocery shopping until close to 11, and then there just wasn’t enough time to do things and still make it to bed on time.

I didn’t do the neck thing, because to even get to bed at a reasonable hour required some level of give on what I had left to do at the end of the day, and I haven’t done the neck thing in quite a awhile, so I figured it was expendable.

I didn’t make it a day without Q-tipping my ears because part of my 15 minutes of cleaning was putting back all the stuff that came out of my bathroom and storage room for the renovations and I came across an old stash of Q-tips I didn’t know I had, and my sub-conscious overpowered my brain and stabbed one in my ears.

I’ve thrown the rest of them away, so hopefully that’ll be the last of that for awhile.


In which only some things went to hell in a handbasket…

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See that? I’m not saying it all went wrong. Mental progress!

So, last weekend I went out on a pub crawl with friends and didn’t crawl into bed until close to 4AM, then got up and went to this giant food event where I ate way too much in the stunning heat, and came home and napped for 2 hours (or, more specifically, napped for 1 hour twice) and this has completely fucked up my sleep schedule.

I’m finding it hard to get to bed and hard to get up in the morning and ARGH.

I have made it to the gym 2 days this week, but in the late afternoon, rather than the morning, like I should.

I’ve also not been doing my neck thing, as last week was that time of the month, and this week I just haven’t bothered. But I got grumped at by the chiropractor this morning, so I guess I should start that up again.

I missed a couple of days of writing, too, because Serena and Lance are trapped in a frigging hospital room and I can’t write them out of it no matter how hard I try because it’s not in the nature of Serena’s character to just leave her Little Sister alone in the hospital, no matter how hot the guy who wants to take her to dinner is. In fact, she’s probably less likely to do it for a hot guy, because that’ll just make her feel more guilty. Stupid characters and their stupid internal consistency issues.

I did do some work over the week on my good in concept less good in execution stories for my writer’s workshop that I didn’t end up going to anyway, because of extreme scheduling confusion and the need to go to the gym yesterday evening since I hadn’t gone yesterday morning. I might post those later.

And yesterday I forgot to eat a vegetable. I mean, there were some vegetables in some of the things I ate (tomatoes, mainly) but nothing your mom would look and call eating your veg. It was a find day nutritionally otherwise, just duh on the veggies.



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It’s 12:25 now and I’m not in bed.

I guess I can kiss that ticky mark good-bye.


A better day…

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Today was a better day for getting things done.

The funny thing is, yesterday I had an all day event scheduled, and I had kind of mentally mapped out everything I had to get done around that event. And then it got cancelled. So with an extra 6 or so hours in my schedule, the whole thing fell apart and nothing got done.

Today, everything except going to bed by midnight is a ticky box. And I have a good excuse for not going to bed by midnight — my Puzzle Pirates crew was actually out pillaging. I’d pretty much count that like having guests or being out, in which case, I still have 2 minutes to write this and get to bed.

On the other hand, I’m thinking of making ‘in bed by midnight’ not applicable to Friday and Saturday (and Sunday before holiday) nights anyway. It might be dangerous, in that it messes with my schedule, but at the same time, it might be more realistic.


Weekend Update

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My mom was here this weekend, so some things kind of went by the wayside. I did a bit of neck-laying-on-the-floor-thingy, but not twice every day. And 15 minutes of cleaning went down in flames, too. *She* might have done 15 minutes of cleaning every day, but I certainly didn’t. Writing 100 words also didn’t happen.

Everything else pretty much did, though, so that was good. I even went to the gym on Friday and Monday mornings while she was here, as scheduled.

Last night I got caught up in watching the Olympic Tri, and cheering for Simon Whitfield, and around Midnight when it ended, realized I couldn’t possibly finish all the things I needed to and still hit Midnight, so I left cleaning for another day. I also totally forgot the feet thing since I hadn’t yet added it to my checklist. D’oh. I guess that chain will start today.


Quickie Update

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There’s no new thing for this week, since I’m revisiting last week’s new neck thing, now that it’s not that time of the month anymore.

The 15 minutes a day cleaning project has now officially cleaned every part of my apartment at least once. Some things have been done more than once and some things need to be done again, but the space under my desk was the last uncleaned spot, and I did that tonight.

Curves is going pretty well. I’m getting there MWF and not hating it. And the people are very chatty, which is what I like about it, so that’s good.

I got my sleeptracker watch on Friday and at this point, I think it’s likely to go back. It’s not really helping as much as just going to bed at the same time every night did, and it doesn’t really seem to detect periods where I’m ‘more wakeful’. It detects periods where I’m completely wide awake and actively rolling over. I don’t exactly have difficulty detecting those points in my night — when I’m deliberately moving pillows, I know I’m awake. Duh.


Reality Bites

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I decided to return my bedroom clock to a semblance of reality. I have, in a battle with my snooze buttoning tendancies, adjusted my clock forward, rather than my alarm backwards, when I needed to be up a few minutes earlier. It’s gradually worked it’s way to 16 minutes out of step with everyone else in the Eastern timezone.

Since I want to go to bed at actual midnight, I’d like my clock to reflect actual midnight. So, I set my clock according to the time on my cell phone and then moved my alarm back from 8am to 7:30, which is really only getting me up 14 minutes earlier.

Depending on how I feel about that, I may change it back to 7:45, which is basically what it was set at before, when it said 8. We’ll see.


It’s Midnight and I’m not in bed…

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…but don’t hold it against me. Though my specific criteria states that being out of the house after 11pm is grounds for going to bed late, I’m adding ‘having a cop in your house past 11pm doing an investigation is grounds for going to bed late’ to the list. I’m hoping it won’t be such a frequent occurrence that I’ll have to go back and formally edit it into the rules for my Midnight task, but we’ll see.

So, last week, I got a call from my bank to tell me that my Credit Card had been compromised. I assumed it was simply one of zillions that had been apparently stolen in a huge data security issue at Pearson Airport.

BMO (the bank that holds my card), canceled it and issued me a new one (which took an entire week to arrive, something I’m mildly irritated by), but wouldn’t tell me what the compromising situation was, nor did they mention the giant list of fraudulent charges that had actually been made on the card.

Today, I got the new card, and was finally able to log into the website again (canceled card = canceled web access, stupidly enough; it’s not like they’d want people to be able to quickly and accurately check for fraudulent charges on a stolen card in the few days after it was stolen or anything, right?) and noticed some gas charges that I found suspicious on a number of levels:

  1. Most of them were for amounts, that even at today’s ridiculous prices, correspond to a lot more gas than my car holds.
  2. Most of them were at PetroCan and UltraMar. I have speed passes for Shell and Esso and those speed passes have done their job in terms of ensuring customer loyalty. I never buy gas anywhere else.
  3. There were 11 of them in 5 days.
  4. The gas stations were in Quebec.

So, I called BMO to let them in on the delightful secret they’d apparently been keeping from me. Thanks guys! Don’t know why you couldn’t have mentioned this a week ago!

They promised to open a fraud file, and reverse the charges, but they first required that I file a police report.

I called the TPS general services line, thinking they’d direct me to my nearest division house to fill out some paperwork, but apparently Toronto cops make housecalls for this stuff. So, I sat around all night waiting for them to make that house call — which they finally did, approximately 5 minutes after I decided that it was too late for them to be coming tonight and got myself embroiled in a Spades game in Y!PP. Sorry, Y!PP Spades partner!

She took my report and then asked some general questions about what I do (since I had mentioned I worked from home when she asked for a daytime phone number). Turns out, she’s a giant Chowhound fan, so then we had a lengthy discussion about Toronto food culture, she filed the report and she left at 11:35.

By my reckoning, that gives me 20 minutes to do my wall standing, brush my teeth and get to bed, while still considering myself in bed by Midnight. So good night!


…I would sleep like a baby

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I’ve decided, kind if last minute, that my new thing for this week is going to be going to bed by midnight.

That should oughta make waking up at 8am a whole lot easier.

Codicils to the going to bed by midnight rule include:

  • If I’m out of the house late at night having fun, I don’t have to go to bed by midnight.
  • Late at night is defined as ‘past 11pm’.
  • When out late at night, once I get home, I have an hour to get to bed while still considering myself in bed by midnight.
  • In bed and reading a book is not in bed by midnight. In bed means at least giving a passing attempt at sleeping by midnight.
  • Midnight means, you know, actually midnight. Instead of what time my bedroom clock says, which could say midnight as early as 11:30 depending on how much I’ve messed with it lately.

I’m not making it a mandatory aspect of in bed by midnight, but I’m also going to give a try at turning my computer off at night, so I don’t get up for one more email check or one more game of scramble or one more blog roll and find myself still awake at 3am, bleery eyed and unable to sleep because Firefox is burned into my retinas.

Plus, that should be better for my computer, too.

But not tonight. Tonight I want to finish this trashy romance novel before I go to bed.

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