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Dropped from the list…

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I’m dropping ‘cupboards and drawers closed’ from my list of things to track. I haven’t run across an open cupboard or door in my house in weeks.

I’m just declaring the problem officially solved. It can come back later if it becomes a problem again, but right now, it’s not worth the 10 seconds a day it takes to track it.

I’ve taken it off my RememberTheMilk To-Do list, and off my Joe’s Goals tracking list.

Yay for small victories!



…I would embrace change

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Rather than adding something new this week, I’m going to take the wimpy way out and change one of my existing tasks a little.

I have a task that is basically ‘go around and close all my drawers twice a day so they’re shut the rest of the time’. That’s working out pretty well, but it’s not quite the habit I really want to form which is, of course, not leaving my drawers and cupboards open in the first place.

So from now on, instead of going around twice a day closing my drawers and giving myself a happy face for that, I’m going to go around and check and see if my drawers are already closed. If not, I’ll close them, but no happy face.

I’ve been travelling a fair bit recently, and I’m off again at the end of this week, so I don’t want to get heavily engaged in any big small changes, so I’m opting for truly small small changes this time around.


Reason #4: Because I want a Wii

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I want a Wii. Really, quite a lot, all things considered. Like, say, that I have a PS2 I only use occasionally.

In order to justify having a Wii, I’d have to invite friends over to hang out and play Wii games.

In order to have friends over to hang out and play Wii games, I would have to keep my house clean enough to have friends over.

That’s where the problem is.

I tend to leave behind a trail of stuff everywhere I go in my apartment like some kind of work-from-home fairy tale character, and the end result is that my house is a disaster zone much of the time. I had it professionally organized last year, and that at least had the advantage of teaching me that it’s possible for my house to be neat — I clean it periodically. But not often enough to just have people come over to hang out.

Keeping my cupboards closed is just a tiny first step towards trying to keep my house cleaner in general.


Back from Boston

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Just a very quick update before I get to bed. I managed to drink way more than 3 glasses of water every day while I was away, I brushed my teeth twice every day, and I did my wall standing (often in washroom stalls because that was the only private place I could find mid-day) 3 times a day.

I’m also planning to have this week’s task be a housekeeping related one — having all the drawers and cupboards in my house closed. I figured I’d go with that because it’s a nice easy one to start with — I just have to get them closed and keep them that way. I even closed them up before I left for Boston so I could give myself a checkmark for today.

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