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Weekend Update

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My mom was here this weekend, so some things kind of went by the wayside. I did a bit of neck-laying-on-the-floor-thingy, but not twice every day. And 15 minutes of cleaning went down in flames, too. *She* might have done 15 minutes of cleaning every day, but I certainly didn’t. Writing 100 words also didn’t happen.

Everything else pretty much did, though, so that was good. I even went to the gym on Friday and Monday mornings while she was here, as scheduled.

Last night I got caught up in watching the Olympic Tri, and cheering for Simon Whitfield, and around Midnight when it ended, realized I couldn’t possibly finish all the things I needed to and still hit Midnight, so I left cleaning for another day. I also totally forgot the feet thing since I hadn’t yet added it to my checklist. D’oh. I guess that chain will start today.



Side effects.

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Because I use my yoga ball every day to do the PT exercises, I discovered that I could easily get up and down off the floor by rolling off of and onto the ball, instead of hurting my knees by kneeling.

Because I was already on the floor doing my neck thing, I finally got around to cleaning out the underneath of my desk, ridding it of papers, pairs of shoes, and empty water bottles.

Because I cleaned out the underside of my desk, I’ve found it much easier to do my PT exercises, since I don’t keep whacking my feet on things while I’m trying to circle them.


Also, if my sleeptracker watch wasn’t so profoundly annoying, I probably wouldn’t have hit the snooze button 7 times this morning.

Not so amazing.


Quickie Update

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There’s no new thing for this week, since I’m revisiting last week’s new neck thing, now that it’s not that time of the month anymore.

The 15 minutes a day cleaning project has now officially cleaned every part of my apartment at least once. Some things have been done more than once and some things need to be done again, but the space under my desk was the last uncleaned spot, and I did that tonight.

Curves is going pretty well. I’m getting there MWF and not hating it. And the people are very chatty, which is what I like about it, so that’s good.

I got my sleeptracker watch on Friday and at this point, I think it’s likely to go back. It’s not really helping as much as just going to bed at the same time every night did, and it doesn’t really seem to detect periods where I’m ‘more wakeful’. It detects periods where I’m completely wide awake and actively rolling over. I don’t exactly have difficulty detecting those points in my night — when I’m deliberately moving pillows, I know I’m awake. Duh.


15 minutes…

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Not of fame. Not of fame, at all.

The 15 minutes of cleaning I’ve been dreading has finally made it’s way to the ‘must be done today’ list.

I have to go clean my bathroom.


Reason #8: Because clutter creates anxiety…

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I might have that backwards. It might be that a lack of clutter creates calm, but I’m definitely less stressed out when my house is clean than when it’s messy.

With my 15 minutes a day, I’ve been gradually increasing the state of cleanliness of my house, starting in the kitchen and working this way. I’ve decluttered most things at this point. Just my desk is left. Which is kinda dumb, really, because I look at my desk all day, and not my kitchen, but when I turn around now, and see the non-clutter behind me, I breathe an audible sigh of relief.

All that said, I’m going away for the weekend, so no 15 minuteses for a few days.



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It’s truly amazing how much cleaning one can get done in 15 minutes if one actually cleans for 15 straight minutes and doesn’t stop to check email in the interim.

I removed, washed and replaced all the shelves in my fridge in just slightly over that time. I was just going to do the two shelves that were totally grody from rotted vegetable matter, but that only took 4 of the allotted 15 minutes, so I did the rest, too.

I do still have to tackle the door, since I didn’t get to that, but I’m pretty amazed anyway.


Making the bed

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Yesterday’s cleaning task of the day — changing the sheets on my bed — stretched for rather more than the 15 minutes allotted.

Of course, normally, ‘making the bed’ doesn’t include ‘making new pillow cases’ and ‘making a duvet cover’.


Missed. Damn.

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I missed two goals Friday. The first was no snoozing. That one is really one I’m finding insanely difficult. I’d probably find it easier if I didn’t so often start the previous day’s ‘write 100 words’ task at Midnight, I suppose.

I also missed writing 100 words that day. Just wasn’t feeling it at all, and couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Cleaning 15 minutes a day, on the other hand, is going quite well. Not that my house is, by any stretch of the imagination, approaching clean. But my laundry is basically caught up and several kitchen counters that I haven’t seen in months are visible. After only a week, I count this as significant progress.

I also wanted to mention something in re water drinking. Which is that I have a nearly full case of coke zero that has been a nearly full case of coke zero for over a month now. Admittedly, I have spent a not insignificant portion of the past few months away from home, but I’ve basically stopped drinking soda in the house entirely. If I go out to eat, or bring takeout home, I’ll generally get a drink and have soda then, but otherwise, I never quite get around to it.

I have my water schedule set up with the idea of drinking one glass in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. And if it’s the afternoon and I’m thirsty, I stop and drink my afternoon glass of water before I reach for a can of coke, with the thought that if I’m still thirsty after, I’ll have the coke then. And that never happens.

It’s really quite astounding that I’ve managed to basically kill a 4 can a day coke habit without even trying.



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On Tuesday, I missed two goals — no snoozing and writing for the day. I didn’t manage to get out of bed without snoozing in the morning — I was just laying there not able to bring myself to do it. I’d been up late the night before reading a trashy novel, and I knew my bedroom carpets were still wet from the flooding on Monday and the thought of getting out of my nice warm bed and stepping onto the wet squishy carpet was just not something I could deal with until I’d had a bit more sleep.

The wet carpets were also why I didn’t get any writing done. I should have gone to my writers group’s Harlequin committee meeting, which I would have counted as writerly enough, but I was so knackered from dealing with the carpets that I had a long nap, instead.

Yesterday was better — I got all my goals in, including the 15 minutes of cleaning. I spent the first 10 minutes catching up on my shredding.

I used to think the whole idea that people would steal my identity via my garbage kind of absurd — what, really, were the chances that someone would choose my garbage to go through? But then I threw away an expired passport at one point, and a week or two later, that passport showed up, no envelope or anything, in my mailbox. That kind of freaked me out. I mean, obviously it was returned to me, so I wasn’t all that worried that my identity had been stolen, but if my passport that I threw away ended up back with me, clearly someone was looking at my garbage more closely than I was comfortable with.

So now I try to shred bills and financial statements before I toss them, and last night I did that for my cleaning of the day. Well, that and emptying the dishwasher.

The shredding was way more fun.


…I wouldn’t be tripping over things

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I decided that my thing for this week was going to be 15 minutes of housekeeping per day.

Yesterday, that was spent frantically getting all my books up off the floor where they’ve been hanging out being sorted and entered into bookmooch, since my apartment was flooding.

Today, it will likely be spent trying to get the water out of the carpets, assuming I can find a carpet cleaner to rent. Because, as I  may have noted, my apartment was flooding.

My plan for most days when I don’t have such specific cleaning requirements is to simply set my microwave’s timer for 15 minutes and do some kind of cleaning task until it goes off. I figure I should be able to eventually get the place clean in 15 minutes a day, and then reduce that time down a bit as I just have to keep it clean.

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