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TMI Update

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So, the PT exercises, you might recall, were specifically to help with stress incontinence. (In case any of you were wondering why this blog is semi-anonymous, this kind of thing is why.)

As a status note on whether they work, I really think they do — in the last couple of week, I’ve seen a very, very funny Cirque du Soleil show and a Second City show. Both of which involved huge amounts of laughing, and neither of which involved any significant issues with stress incontinence.



Side effects.

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Because I use my yoga ball every day to do the PT exercises, I discovered that I could easily get up and down off the floor by rolling off of and onto the ball, instead of hurting my knees by kneeling.

Because I was already on the floor doing my neck thing, I finally got around to cleaning out the underneath of my desk, ridding it of papers, pairs of shoes, and empty water bottles.

Because I cleaned out the underside of my desk, I’ve found it much easier to do my PT exercises, since I don’t keep whacking my feet on things while I’m trying to circle them.


Also, if my sleeptracker watch wasn’t so profoundly annoying, I probably wouldn’t have hit the snooze button 7 times this morning.

Not so amazing.


…I wouldn’t have to admit this

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Those of you who know me in real life (or on Facebook) are probably aware that I’ve had a cold for weeks. It’s actually pretty much gone now, but even when I don’t have a cold, I do have asthma, so I still have regular coughing fits.

Embarrassingly enough, I sometimes suffer from stress incontinence when I cough, a problem that’s only gotten worse since I significantly upped my daily fluid intake.

It’s not something that most people would notice. I don’t think I go around smelling of urine. (I hope I don’t go around smelling of urine.) But it’s still pretty humiliating on a personal level.

A friend recently sent me a copy of the exercises her PT prescribed to help battle stress incontinence. So that’s next week’s new goal — to do those exercises each day. They’re mostly things I can do while sitting in this chair, which is good, because as I’m sure you’re all aware, this chair is where I spend 90% of my waking hours.

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