If This Were Easy…


In which only some things went to hell in a handbasket…

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See that? I’m not saying it all went wrong. Mental progress!

So, last weekend I went out on a pub crawl with friends and didn’t crawl into bed until close to 4AM, then got up and went to this giant food event where I ate way too much in the stunning heat, and came home and napped for 2 hours (or, more specifically, napped for 1 hour twice) and this has completely fucked up my sleep schedule.

I’m finding it hard to get to bed and hard to get up in the morning and ARGH.

I have made it to the gym 2 days this week, but in the late afternoon, rather than the morning, like I should.

I’ve also not been doing my neck thing, as last week was that time of the month, and this week I just haven’t bothered. But I got grumped at by the chiropractor this morning, so I guess I should start that up again.

I missed a couple of days of writing, too, because Serena and Lance are trapped in a frigging hospital room and I can’t write them out of it no matter how hard I try because it’s not in the nature of Serena’s character to just leave her Little Sister alone in the hospital, no matter how hot the guy who wants to take her to dinner is. In fact, she’s probably less likely to do it for a hot guy, because that’ll just make her feel more guilty. Stupid characters and their stupid internal consistency issues.

I did do some work over the week on my good in concept less good in execution stories for my writer’s workshop that I didn’t end up going to anyway, because of extreme scheduling confusion and the need to go to the gym yesterday evening since I hadn’t gone yesterday morning. I might post those later.

And yesterday I forgot to eat a vegetable. I mean, there were some vegetables in some of the things I ate (tomatoes, mainly) but nothing your mom would look and call eating your veg. It was a find day nutritionally otherwise, just duh on the veggies.



Watermelon is not a vegetable…

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My brain is trying very hard to convince my to-do list that watermelon is a vegetable.

My to-do list appears to be winning, since I’ve just opened a can of peas.


…I would eat my veggies

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It’s perhaps a little late to be mentioning this now, but since I’m still trying to get things back in order since I got back from St. Louis, now is when I’m mentioning it anyway, but this week’s new goal is to eat a serving of veggies every day.

It doesn’t seem like many, but there are days when I eat no vegetables to speak of, and I think that’s a problem. At the very least, if I add a vegetable a day to my diet, I’m getting some nutrition. If I’m really lucky, those vegetables will replace some other random crap I would have otherwise eaten.

Yesterday, I ate a TV dinner that contained a serving of green beans. Today I went out for a Chinese food meetup and ate several different kinds of veggies all at the same time. Go me!

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