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Apparently, I’m not pro-choice

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About a month ago, I came to realize that I was making really, really bad food choices. I bought the wrong things, went to the wrong restaurants, cooked the wrong meals. And it showed, on the scale and in trying to find pants that fit me.

So I decided to simply not make any choices at all for awhile. I sat down and figured out a diet that I could eat every single day that would not give me scurvy, not leave me starving, and not have me consuming 4000 calories a day. It had to be totally easy, totally repeatable and not require any thought or effort.

What I ended up with was a granola bar and yogurt for breakfast, a Subway roasted chicken sandwich for lunch, and a frozen dinner and a spinach salad for dinner, with a couple of ounces of almonds for snacks. If I felt otherwise hungry, fresh fruits or vegetables were allowable. Along with a daily multi-vitamin, this hit all the major nutritional requirements. It was a little on the high side in sodium, but I’ve never really had blood pressure issues.

And other than when I was dining out with friends, this is what I’ve eaten every day for a month. I made it through some things that would otherwise have been quite difficult for me, by simply asking myself “Is it on the list? If it’s not on the list, you don’t eat it.”

Since the answer was invariably ‘no’, there were a lot of things I didn’t eat.

Not that I was depriving myself. I see friends for dinner 2 or 3 times most weeks, so I got plenty of good food — including one of the best meals of my entire life.

It was just that on a day in and day out basis, I wasn’t consuming an endless supply of empty calories worth of food that I didn’t even particularly enjoy. 3000 calories worth of beautiful comfort food consumed in the company of friends is one thing. 3000 calories worth of kind of gross deep fried crap shoveled down alone at the cheap asian buffet near my house is totally different, and the latter was the kind of bad choice I had been making.

And in the end, even though I’ve been punking out on the gym because of various injuries and illnesses, I lost 12lbs on the ‘no choices diet’.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue it from here — it is a little boring, after all, and probably not all that healthy, and definitely kind of expensive.

But if nothing else, it’s a new trick in my arsenal. Because maybe, if I can’t make good choices, no choice is the next best thing.


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