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Some notes on swimming lessons

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That’s right, two blog posts today. That should make up for months of not posting, no?

I actually had my first swimming lesson this evening. The instructor is not, in fact, the heinous bitch who hates me, so that was good news.

I had originally signed up for Adult 3, which might have been a little more advanced than I actually needed, but as it turned out, Adult 3 was cancelled on the grounds that I was the only person who signed up for it, and I got bounced back to Adult 2.

Adult 2 was overpopulated by my presence, and some other woman got really, really huffy about that, and completely steamrolled the instructor’s suggestions that she stay for this week and give the gym a chance to come up with a solution. The woman got totally bitchy and walked out on the class to go demand her refund. Uh, good riddance, I guess.

The remaining three people in the class were two youngish girls who are really just learning to swim. They’ve had a couple of rounds in Adult 1, so they can swim, sorta, and are too advanced for ‘and now you lay back on my hand and float while I hold you’ of Adult 1, but they don’t really feel particularly comfortable in the water. Go them for making the effort.

Go them doubly for telling me they thought I was a great swimmer and they were really impressed. That made me feel good about myself, so yay! I told them I just had a few years experience on them, what with having taken my first swimming lessons when I was 2, and all.

The other guy in the class can swim, but not with his face in the water. I don’t know if that’s a nervous thing or just a bad habits learned over many years thing.

Basically, there are only three levels of adult lessons, versus about 12 levels of kids lessons. So Adult 1 is ‘I do not know how to float or blow bubbles’ and Adult 3 is ‘I am a very a good swimmer, and I’d like to swim further and faster’ and Adult 2 is absolutely everything in between. There’s no way the four of us would all be in the same class if we were kids swimming at the levels we swim at, but I guess the demand for adult lessons probably doesn’t justify the additional striations.

I did make a little progress on kicking, I think. I found it quite exhausting, so that may be part of the problem — I may just need to build up more endurance at kicking since it takes so much more energy.

I need to remember my lap timer for next week, since having the instructor time laps for me really doesn’t work — she has too much else going on to watch the clock.

I stayed after and swam a single set of 14 laps, since the pool was open for Adult Lane Swim after my lesson ended anyway.


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