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Week 1 Roundup

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So, I’ve spent a week at the new gym. I’m not fully moved over yet, as I’m still doing 2 training sessions a week at the old gym, but I have been to the new gym 4 times to swim and do aquafit.

I’ve been doing fairly well with the swimming, though I’ve been getting there later and later every morning and thus getting less distance in, so I need to turn that around a little. I’m having trouble just getting a routine in place for the new gym, and I keep doing things like making wrong turns on the way there that push me later and later. Still, with the swimming before aquafit and then the aquafit, I think it’s a pretty good workout.

That said, my reaction to Monday’s Aquafit class was: Worst. Aquafit Class. Evar. The instructor was a substitute and probably not used to teaching a combined deep/shallow class (which is kind of inherently a weird concept since they are so very, very different) so she mainly taught a shallow water class and every 5 minutes, she’d come running over to the deep end to tell us if we couldn’t do something, to just jog on the spot.

And then, Wednesday’s class was marginally better, different instructor, who paid more attention to the people in the deep end of the class. It was still not a great class — no focus on technique, no intervals, no exercise sets — but at least I felt like we were doing something.

Then, Friday’s class: Worst. Aquafit Class. Evar. I’m not sure the Friday instructor even realized she had a deep water class. She stood at the shallow end of the pool, where none of us in the deep water could even here her, and didn’t look past the first third of the pool at any point. Beyond that, it was simply a boring class, even if you could follow it. Do this for 2 minutes, followed by do that for 2 minutes, followed by another thing for 2 minutes.

Today’s class, which I took in the shallow end, was a much better class in general. She had more focus on technique than I’ve seen from any instructor in Toronto (which means about 1/4 the amount you’d get from the worst instructor in Prince George) and a limited attempt at setting the exercises. I’m not sure how I’d have felt about it if I were in the deep end, but I think it was definitely the best of the bunch. This may be because the weekend crowd is different and younger and thus more able to handle a more complicated cardio class, I’m not sure.


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