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Notes from the Gym

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I went in this morning and signed the papers to dissolve my contract with Strictly Fitness this morning. The conversation happened at a very high volume, but only because they were jack-hammering up the cement floors in the hallway, and not because the transaction was otherwise problematic. Linda was perfectly happy to just fill out the form and let me leave. I probably should have been dealing with her in the first place.

It’s kind of sad that I’m probably going to escape that gym right around the time they finally finish the damned renovations, so I’ll be suffering through them for nothing. Today while I was doing sit-ups, a construction guy came over and started pulling nails out of the floor about 8 inches from my head. I just kind of looked at him in shock and he said ‘I’ll only be a minute.’ I wanted to yell at him, but it didn’t seem worth it, so we just moved somewhere else — and we finished before he did.

I did complain on the way out the door, but Linda said there’s just nothing they can do, the guys on the job don’t have the common sense god gave a gnat and while talking to them about one specific thing will get them to stop, it doesn’t stop them from doing 10 other stupid things in the next hour.

My last day will be March 2nd, and my last payment went out yesterday. It’s nice to be feeling free and clear of that obligation.


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