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This is the first day of…

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It was also my first day at my new gym. I got up early (oh god, so early) and went in to swim laps before aquafit class.

I didn’t quite get a full kilometer in, because I spent too much time dithering about my lap times and trying to calculate how many 18 meter laps I needed to swim to reach a kilometer (55.555,  in case you’re wondering) and how to best break that up in appropriate sets (4 sets of 14 laps each, with resting laps on the 4th, 8th and 12th, in case you’re wondering) and how I could have been so stupid as to forget my water and how exactly one manages the weird two-locker system they have going on at my gym and how I could have been so stupid as to forget to eat before class. But 900 meters isn’t bad for my first day swimming in a few weeks anyway.

Then I took the aquafit class which as epically lame. But she was a substitute instructor, so I’m hopeful that the regular instructor will be better. I do seem to have traded old Russian women in for old Italian women, but the old Italian women do seem to actually try to do the workout, lame though it might be.

I’ve also been slacktastically failing to bother tracking my food since I went home for Christmas, so I’m back doing that, as well.

Also, for the benefit of those who missed it on Facebook, my old gym has agreed to nullify my contract once I finish up my personal training sessions.


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