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So having talked to 5 new gyms, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 choices.

The first is the Columbus Center at Lawrence & Dufferin. The second is the University City Recreation Center at Finch & Sentinel, also known as the ghetto gym.

Columbus Center UCRC Advantage?
Pros Cons Pros Cons
$47 / month $47 / month Tie
Will cancel for a move w/ 30 days notice Annual Memberships only Monthly, quarterly, semi and annual memberships. UCRC
Towel service available Towel service either $1 per towel or bumping up to $85 membership which doesn’t offer much else I care about Not sure they even offer towel service CC
Katya works there, and while she couldn’t be my trainer, she could help pick my trainer Personal training $55-65 / session Personal training $40 / session UCRC
7 km / 10 minutes (really more like 15) 2 km / 5 minutes (really 5 minutes ) 98 stop signs in those 2 km UCRC
Aquafit classes throughout the day, including an 8:30 class with a lane time ahead of it. Only aquafit classes are at night. CC
Apparently quite a nice facility, though I haven’t toured it yet. Probably pretty ghetto, though I haven’t toured it yet. CC

Going based on costs, it’s a pretty easy win for ghetto gym. But I suspect that I might actually like going to Columbus Center a lot more.

I’m going to have to go to both of them, I guess, and get a sense of how ghetto is ghetto.



  1. If paying an extra $6000/year for a gym you slightly prefer, or is slightly more convenient, might conceivably make it even slightly more likely you’ll stick with your regimen for that year, then I’d suggest you jump at the chance to pay the extra.

    I’d respectfully suggest that you drastically restructure your priorities, especially financial ones, to make everything in your life subordinate to the process of getting healthy. It should not be budgeted as yet another life expense. You should put every conceivable resource behind it. Let me repeat a previous comment I left:

    Jacquilynne, if you keep up this regimen, the happiness, health, and satisfaction will be so tremendous you won’t miss the money. Can you IMAGINE in your wildest dreams one day telling people “Yeah, I lost a ton of weight and feel terrific, but, shoot, I blew a couple thousand dollars on gyms, and I’m just not sure it was worth it”? The alternative is to be financially prudent and biologically precarious (and, presumably, anguished about that).

    Fling money. Drain your bank account. Smooth the way. Overpay. Do it. Put every dollar you have into this. I doubt it’ll really take that, but even if it does, that’s ok.

    Consider me the voice of Christmas Future, showing you your thin, healthy self, remembering all this and smacking her forehead at the thought that mere money nearly got in the way of doing what you needed to do.

    Comment by Jim Leff — 2010-01-17 @ 9:28 pm

  2. With Columbus vs. University City it’s basically a time and money vs. niceness. Columbus is nicer and more expensive and further away, while University City is much close and much cheaper, but much dumpier. Columbus might be winning on the grounds of a useful Aquafit schedule. I suppose the overpaying alternative is Mayfair which is both very nice and nearby, but it’s almost offensively expensive and I have a signed contract with my builder that doesn’t give me the luxury of making my health my only financial priority.

    Comment by Easy — 2010-01-17 @ 10:17 pm

  3. I’d choose whichever is more likely to keep your regimen going, without regard to money or anything else.

    “I have a signed contract with my builder that doesn’t give me the luxury of making my health my only financial priority”

    The question to ask yourself is whether health and survival are relative priorities or absolute priorities.

    Comment by Jim Leff — 2010-01-19 @ 8:14 pm

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