If This Were Easy…


Conversations with myself:

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Sunday, 7:20AM: Oh, god, is that my alarm? Already. It’s not been long enough. Want sleep. Should get up now, so I have time to shower before I go to aquafit class, since hair too greasy to go out in public as is.
Sunday, 7:25AM: Much, much too tired to get up early for something like a shower. Will go to gym later.
Sunday, 7:30AM: No. No shower. No aquafit class. No. Sleep.
Sunday, 8:00AM: Sigh. Sleep! Sleep! Not laying here awake wishing I were sleeping.
Sunday, 8:15AM: Alright, I’m getting up already. Fine. I guess I’ll have a shower now anyway, since it’s freezing in here. But I feel like shit, so I’m still not going to aquafit class.
Sunday, 8:45AM: All showered. Still feeling like shit. So not going to aquafit class. Can go to the gym after the cookie exchange if I’m feeling up to it. (Like that’s going to happen, but I just need to convince myself it will for another 15 minutes and I won’t have to go to aquafit class.)
Sunday, 8:57AM: Hrmm, I feel much better now. That’s good.
Sunday, 8:58AM: Oh fuck. Now I’m showered and feeling better and I still have half an hour before aquafit class.
Sunday, 9:30AM: Grr. Aquafit class.

Sometimes, life just conspires against you. Or for you. Or whatever it was doing. Stupid life.


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