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Things I didn’t know until I knew them…

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I was doing one of those internet research study thingies this morning, and it asked me to describe something I was grateful for. I ended up writing that I was grateful for all the friends who support me in my efforts, even though in the moment I might seem bitchy and ungracious about it.

And I wanted to say that here, because writing it to some grad student at the University of Virginia doesn’t really get the message to the people who should really be hearing it.

If you’ve told me I’ve lost weight, or asked me how my workout is going, and I’ve given non-enthusiastic replies, I’m sorry. It’s rude of me to be so ungracious when you’re doing exactly what I need and want you to do, which is taking an interest in and supporting my efforts. I should be nicer and I should be more appreciative.

And you? You should keep doing what you’re doing. I hope I haven’t scared you away.


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  1. It is safe to say that your continuing to do what you’ve been doing is the brass ring for all parties present. It doesn’t matter whether you blog, or whether you respond to respondees. Just keep making smart, active decisions.

    Comment by Jim Lef — 2009-12-10 @ 9:21 pm

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