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An Update

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Contrary to the usual wisdom that someone who isn’t keeping their diet blog also isn’t keeping their diet, I actually am keeping my diet for the most part (just ignore those days last week when I was drinking). It’s just that ‘Ayep, I kept my diet again today’ doesn’t exactly make for exciting blog posts, you know?

So, some comments from my vacation, some of which have already been mentioned in status updates, but which I’m recording for posterity anyway.

I missed a few days of exercising while I was away because a) my mother only goes to the pool during the week and b) I had the cold from hell for the first week. That said, I came home 7 pounds lighter than when I went out west 10 days prior, so I’ll take it. I wonder how much of that weightloss was from my body trying to keep itself warm while I was watching curling, but I don’t really care. I’ll take the pounds however they want to come off.

I also managed to come home almost completely free of jetlag. As it turns out, my mother basically lives on my schedule except that it’s 3 hours earlier her time. While I’m in my 9:30 aquafit class, she’s in her 6:30 aquafit class. The only thing is that going to bed at 10pm vs. midnight means an hour less sleep and a lot more exhaustion.

Easily the best moment while I was away was when my mother told me she didn’t think I would be able to swim laps in the 50 meter pool. Admittedly, I had my own doubts on that subject, but hell if I was going to let her be right about something like that. So I swam 10 laps / 20 lengths, just to make a point. Then, in a truly classy move, I rubbed it in all that day and part of the next.

I did try swimming laps with fins while I was there, as well, but man, that was hard. I don’t normally use my legs a lot when I swim and bringing them into play was more tiring. Plus, I had to slow my arm stroke down to match my leg stroke, which meant breathing less. I was moving faster, so 8 laps only took about 1/2 an hour, vs an hour for 10. But by the time I had finished those 8 laps, I was exhausted and had to stop. That, and I butchered my left ankle with the fins, something that took about 5 days to fully recover.

One interesting aspect of getting back was all the comments I got at the gym about having been away. It’s nice to have established enough regularity that my absence was noticed. Plus, on my first morning back at training, someone told me I was ‘really working’ on the treadmill. Given that I was only warming up at the time, I can only assume she doesn’t know what really working a treadmill looks like, but I’m trying to take that as a non-delusional compliment.


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  1. “It’s just that ‘Ayep, I kept my diet again today’ doesn’t exactly make for exciting blog posts, you know?”

    Disagree. I’m not one for the standard saccharine self help platitudes (I prefer to create my own saccharine self help platitudes). But the 12 steppers “one day at a time” is dead right. There’s no big “arc” going on in any of this, just a series of small decisions. Each decision is a statement of free will, of survival, of change, of hope. And there’s nothing more exciting than that. http://jimleff.blogspot.com/2009/07/diet-tip-nothings-ever-shot-to-hell.html

    For that same reason, it’s perfectly proper to sass your mom about exceeding her predicted limitation. Exceeding predicted limitations is what you’re doing, generally, and you’re right to feel geared up about it. Passivity makes one fat. Seizing the reigns and making active decisions is a different mode. There’s an aggression to it, and it’s perfectly ok.

    Finally, remember that for every person verbally complimenting you at the gym, there are dozens who are silently supporting you. Don’t analyze the compliments too much. You’re not the only shy one. It’s hard to talk to strangers, even harder to compliment them, and people bumble a little. It’s the spirit that counts.

    There are a couple of seriously overweight people at my gym. They look awfully self-conscious. I wish I could get up the nerve to tell them that the gym should feel like the right and perfect place for them to be. It’s like myopic people feeling self-conscious at an optometrist’s office.

    Comment by Jim Lef — 2009-12-10 @ 9:10 pm

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