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More on Aquafit scheduling

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So, Stephanie, who is the scheduler of all fitness classes at the gym also teaches Tuesday Aquafit. And as she often is, she was late.

So, at the end of class, she was talking about how she’s managed to convince the gym manager to add another morning aquafit class to Wednesdays, starting after the long weekend. So someone else brought up Nicole’s idea about moving her Thursday class to 9:45 or 10 because Nicole can’t make it to work on time.

Stephanie thought that sounded like a great idea, and I think now she’s probably going to move all the morning Aquafit classes to 9:45 so GRRRR to that.

But even more GRRRRRRRRRR to the fact that on the way out of the pool, one of the other class members mentioned that a couple of years ago, all of these classes started at 9:00. But the instructors were always late, so they moved them to 9:15, so they didn’t have to leave right during rush hour to get there. But the instructors were always late, so they moved them to 9:30, so that rush hour was pretty definitely over by the time they had to leave. And now they’re proposing to move them to 9:45.

It seems pretty clear to me that the problem here is not with the time that the Aquafit classes are scheduled for and that moving them is thus not going to be much of a solution.


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  1. I used to find that my workout psychology was very easily disrupted. At one point, when Chowhound was falling down all around me and my life was a shambles and the only thing keeping me alive was a very firm regimen of daily workouts, I remember how a trainer came up to me while I was doing yoga, and told me that I must keep my shoes on while in the gym.

    No shoes means no yoga. And while I could do yoga outside the gym (and do my weight lifting and jogging at the gym), that would mean trying establishing a habit of doing two sessions in two places, rather than continuing a pattern I’d managed to build, through some miracle of will, of doing this one thing very very consistently. And which was incidentally keeping me alive.

    I collapsed, and nearly erupted into tears on the spot. It was really really bad. I stopped working out for three months. It rocked my world.

    Don’t be me. What you’re doing requires some flexibility and resourcefulness. I understand how your regimen feels like a delicate crucible in which you’ve invested considerable amounts of ever-variable will-power. And I understand that the aquafit classes help and feel right to you, and it’s crazy-making to see them shifted, for dumb reasons, to an hour that doesn’t fit real good with your sched.

    Do aquafit anyway. Do it even if they make them at noon. Do ’em even if you have to shift your work sched around or be a little less effective/efficient. For once in your life, prioritize health, and let OTHER stuff take the short end of the stick.

    It feels right. It’s working. Don’t screw with it. Don’t get boggled by the idiots who seem to be taking a rare helpful tool away from your toolbelt. Just keep going.

    Comment by Jim Leff — 2009-09-29 @ 3:05 pm

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