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Good workout

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I had a really good workout this morning. Aquafit classes were canceled for the long weekend (and let me tell you, considering I joined this gym right before the August long weekend, when classes were canceled, and then classes were canceled for the August 22-23 weekend for CanFitPro, and now they are once again canceled for the September long weekend, I’m starting to wonder what, precisely, I’m paying for) so I decided to just swim some laps.

I was still feeling a little wheezy from yesterday’s stairclimber induced asthma attack, but once I actually got to swimming, it was going pretty well. Your breathing is pretty regulated when you’re swimming, so the wheeziness wasn’t an issue.

The water was frigging cold today. And by frigging cold, I mean slightly warmer than Prince George keeps their lap pool, but still damned cold. So when I finished my first set of four laps and would ordinarily have stopped for a minute to breathe and such, I decided to keep going. I didn’t want to get cold, I didn’t want to give up the control I’d gotten over my lungs, etc.

I did 10 straight laps, then stopped for a minute, then did 10 more and stopped for a minute. That’s how many laps I have been swimming — 20, which is half a click. But by that point, I’d only spent 23 minutes in the pool, so I did another 5 for good measure.

After I got out of the pool, wheezy breath returned in full, annoying force, but while I was actually swimming, I felt pretty good.


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