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I forgot my iPod at home today, so I had to make my workout marginally interesting all on its own.

I decided to do 100 calories on each of the elliptical, treadmill and bike. I considered adding another hundred on the stairstepper, but after 18 calories — which took less than a minute, so at least 100 calories on the stepper would have been fast! — both me and the stepper wanted to die.

It took 7:39 to burn 100 calories on the elliptical, 11:30 on the treadmill and 15:56 on the bike. What I really need, though, is a source of cardio which does not rely heavily on my thighs, because they are cranky and overworked.

Swimming is sort of that workout, but I don’t think it really gets my heartrate up that much, and I can’t do it much faster than I already do or I end up inhaling water, which is different from drowning only as a matter of degree.



  1. What about water running?

    Comment by Mads — 2009-08-29 @ 4:59 pm

  2. I did a little of that yesterday after swimming and it does get my heartrate up, but it’s also a little thigh intensive. It does transfer more of the work to my calves, though, so that’s a help.

    They do have rowing machines at the gym, I might try one of those and see if it works.

    Comment by Easy — 2009-08-29 @ 5:28 pm

  3. I actually really enjoy rowing machines. Haven’t done them in a while because I’m sort of in a rut on the elliptical because it’s easy for me to catch up with Scrubs, but IIRC when I was doing them, it was not too hard to get my heart rate up.

    Comment by Chris — 2009-08-29 @ 5:52 pm

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