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337.5 is a very significant number to me.

About 8 years ago now, I was 337.5 pounds, and it was the fattest I’d ever been, and I felt disgusting and gross, and none of my clothes fit, and I resolved to lost some weight. And for about 2 years, that’s what I did — I went to they gym 3 days a week, and I went to Weight Watchers, and I worked my way down from 337.5 to about 259 pounds.

And then I had one very, very bad week — a week in which I was robbed by a man with a crowbar in my own home and had my car nearly destroyed by an idiot who couldn’t park.

And then it all fell apart, and I stopped going to the gym 3 days a week. I’d still go sometimes, but not, you know, every time. And I stopped writing down my food. Not all the time, but sometimes, you know?

And 8 years later, after several attempts to start and stop and restart and blah, blah, blah, I was at 369 pounds, which was the new winner for fattest I’d ever been, and I felt disgusting and gross and none of my clothes fit and I resolved to lose some weight. That was about a year ago.

And there have been more ups and downs and downs and up and ons and offs since then. But now, today, I’m 337.5 pounds, and the last 8 years, whatever they might have meant for the rest of my life, are, weight-wise, a complete wash.

It’s not a victory, it’s kind of an anti-milestone, but at least it represents having recovered from the damage, and that, I suppose, is something.


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