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Apparently I swim very, very slowly

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I swam half a kilometer today, in half an hour. That included a few minutes of rest, but it was mainly swimming — 5 sets of 4 laps, with each lap being 25 meters. That’s about 18 yards per minute or so. If you figure I was probably only actually swimming for 22 or 23 of those minutes, you can get it up near 25 yards per minute.

I looked up swimming in the Daily Plate activity log and it counts ‘moderate’ swimming as 50 yards per minute.


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  1. Here’s something I tell yoga students: if you could do every single yoga pose perfectly, you’d win….nothing. Not even a cup of coffee. You don’t practice yoga to get good at doing the poses, because there’s no prize at the top of that ladder. In fact, I pity the naturally flexible, because they’ll learn so much less from the practice, and get so much less out of it. It took me fifteen years of hard work to touch my toes. I started at my shins and worked down a millimeter per month….and I learned a ton about myself every step of the way.

    Since you’re not a competitive swimmer, there’s no reason to spend even an instant fretting over your swimming pace. You’re swimming to change your life, and you’ve done so; turning around a doomed multi-year slog with tangible success. That makes you a champion. If Michael Phelps suddenly found himself in your shoes, he’d be hard pressed to beat that.

    Don’t compare yourself to anything; just enjoy the positive momentum you’ve created for yourself!

    Comment by Jim Leff — 2009-09-27 @ 12:13 am

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