If This Were Easy…


You know you’re a slatternly housekeeper when…

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…you find yourself eating lunch with a plastic spoon, because it was the only clean choice.

I’m going to reintroduce 15 minutes of housekeeping a day into my life, because it’s a nasty, depressing mess in here.


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  1. One trick I like, which has a nice freeform aspect to it, is to try to fill one large heavyduty garbage bag per day with stuff to throw out. It gets you into the mindset of actively TRYING to throw out stuff….a lot more effective than mamby pamby organizing (where you sort of rifle through stuff, attempt to make order out of it, and only throw away things you can’t find any reason to hold onto…and there’s always a reason!).

    Comment by Jim Leff — 2009-09-27 @ 11:18 pm

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