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Food Betrayal

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[12:00] Easy: Okay, how is it possible there are 400 calories in a normal sized muffin?
[12:00] Easy: I get that if you eat those giant costco muffins, you get what you deserve
[12:00] Easy: But this was a perfectly average sized muffin from tim’s.
[12:10] Friend: heh
[12:10] Friend: muffins are evil
[12:10] Friend: cakes masquerading as “breakfast”
[12:12] Easy: I managed to find the third most evil muffin on their menu, too
[12:12] Easy: The only ones that are worse are the blueberry and the chocolate chip
[12:13] Easy: Actually, no, wait, that’s 2 blueberry muffins
[12:13] Easy: So, the only thing worse is the chocolate chip
[12:13] Friend: see, chocolate chip… what breakfast has chocolate chips in it?
[12:13] Friend: i would prefer to just have real cake over a muffin
[12:14] Easy: Yeah, see, and I wouldn’t order a chocolate chip muffin
[12:14] Easy: But this was whole wheat carrot
[12:14] Easy: It sounded … healthy
[12:14] Easy: Whole wheat! Vegetables! What’s not to love?
[12:14] Easy: Besides, you know, *19* grams of fat.

Food that’s masquerading as healthy pisses me off.



  1. At McDonalds yesterday I saw a double chocolate muffin with Oreo topping. I can’t even begin to imagine how many calories that had.

    Comment by Kathleen — 2009-08-23 @ 6:05 pm

  2. 450 — so only marginally more than the damned Whole Wheat Carrot.

    Comment by Easy — 2009-08-28 @ 9:40 pm

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