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New Gym

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As you might have figured from my last blog entry, I’ve joined a new gym.

It’s Strictly Fitness at Dufferin & Finch, and I picked it for having a pool and being less than a 10 minute drive from my house.

I’ve also signed up for 50 personal training sessions. Because I’m dedicated. Or crazy.

I was a little concerned about joining a real gym, and being surrounded by skinny bitches or men who take a lot of protein supplements, but while I was sitting and waiting for the sales guy to take me into the gym, I kept a tally of people walking in and out, and I counted 8 old people, 3 skinny bitches, 4 protein supplement guys, and 3 fairly average sized guys. There were no other youngish overweight women, which was a little disconcerting, but hey, it was a small sample size.

What actually sold me on the place, though, far more than the salesman, who lacks a certain element of sales skills, was that while I was waiting, an older woman (maybe 60ish?) sat down beside me on the couch. And 3 different people, 2 protein supplement guys and one skinny bitch, made a point of saying goodbye to her on their way out of the gym. If the protein supplement guys go out of their way to be nice to the old people, the environment can’t be all hardcore.

I went to an aquafit class today, and it was a pretty good, though not great class. The pool isn’t particularly deep, so I’ll have to work around that a bit, but it was a good workout.


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