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Where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to…

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So, I did go to St. Louis, and I did walk for the two days I was supposed to while I was there, though not with what I describe as great enthusiasm or speed. It’s hard to walk with a hangover. I did not manage to go to St. Louis under 350lbs, though I did manage to come back under 350. I assume that was mainly dehydration. I almost, but didn’t quite manage my non-goal.

Then, after returning, I promptly stopped walking for a week. I had a lot of trouble with sore feet there, as I always do — mother$%@&ing Duck Room floors — and I seem to be developing a noticeable plantar fasciitis problem, as well.

I’ve gone back to walking though, this week, so that, at least is progress. And it’s thoroughly kicking my ass, let me tell you. I don’t think it’s just from having taken a week off, I’d presumably be over that by now. Rather, I think it’s the weather. Breathing in all that waterlogged air is just hard damned work even when I’m not walking.


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