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There’s no point…

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… in updating my calorie counter today. It would just cry in protest. Instead, allow me to present a list of everything I tried even a nibble of in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s a pretty long list, but some of these were the barest of nibbles — a single kernal of pickled corn, or a 1 ounce wine sample sharing amongst 5 people, for example. Still, it’s a long and gluttonous list.

On the way there:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

At Upper Canada Cheese:

Comfort Cream Burger
Debrezini (sp?) sausage
Smoked sausage
Niagara Gold Cheese
Comfort Cream Cheese
Sticky Toffee Cheese
Smoked ricotta

Bought to take home:
Lemon Fetish
Cheese Curds
Niagara Gold
Sticky Toffee Cheese

Whitty Farms:

Garlic Peanuts
Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

Bought to Take Home:
Butter pecan tart
Butter raisin tart

Olson Foods:

Baguette with hazelnut spread
Lemon square
Fried chicken w/ potato chips
Roasted nuts
Beet Salad
Asparagus salad
pickled corn
Cherry juice
Gesundheit grape juice

The Pie Plate:

Carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing
Chocolate silk pie
Banana cream pie
Lemon meringue pie
Lemon coconut tart
Rhubarb custard tart
Steak & Guiness pie

Sunnybrook Farms:

Peach wine
Pear Sec wine
Black Currant wine
Pear ice wine
Chocolate embrace wine

Bought to take home:
Pear ice wine


Stratus Red
Stratus White
Ice Riesling
Ice Red

Bought to take home:
Ice Red


Bread w/ balsamic and cold pressed canola oil
smoked trout on a stick
Mushroom Risotto
Smoked duck
Pickerel sashimi
Venison with asparagus in bacon and potato gratin
Rabbit fettucine

And, because I know Edith will include it, McDonalds:

Coke Zero


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