If This Were Easy…


Much faster than the disabled…

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…moderately faster than an elderly smoker, slower than teenagers smoking pot.

That’s what I learned today whilst walking. I passed a woman being pushed in her wheel chair without too much effort, but then really had to struggle to get by the old woman who was walking and smoking and carrying groceries, and had no chance in hell of catching up to the pothead teenagers.

I had a lot of calories left over today and was really fixated on going to Dairy Queen, so I made myself a deal that I could go to Dairy Queen, but only if I ended my walk there, thus also having to walk home again after.

I did one lap around the block like normal — and it was a lap of awesomeness, let me tell you. I mark how fast I’m moving by where I am in the block at different points in my workout track, and I’ve been pushing the point in All That Jazz where Fred asks “Say, your husband ain’t at home, is he?” closer and closer to the final corner, but never quite making it all the way there. Today I made the corner and another 40 or 50 feet beyond that before Fred’s line — and that’s with having to maneuver around the wheelchair.

So I finished that lap, drank some water and headed back in the direction of Dairy Queen, figuring based on previous experience, to get there right around when I had to do my cool down and planning to walk past Dairy Queen for cool down and come back for ice cream. But when I got to Dairy Queen, there were still 3 minutes left in my power walk, so I walked that out, passing the smoking woman on the way, and then turned around and came back for my cool down, which I didn’t quite finish before I got back to DQ.

I ordered a Pecan Mudslide, ate 2/3 of it, figured the last third would probably taste a lot like the first 2/3, threw it away and walked home again. I meant to see how long it took me to walk home, not power walking, just walking walking, but I forgot.


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