If This Were Easy…


If I had goals, which I don’t, this would be one of them

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I’ve read a lot about goal setting when it comes to dieting, and the advice generally boils down to ‘set small, regular goals for weight-loss and try not to think so much about your overarching far away goal’. But probably the best thing advice on goal setting I’ve ever received was from Beaglesmuggler, who has a group dedicated to not setting weight loss goals at all. Instead, they focus on behavioural goals, things they can directly control, like how many calories they eat, or trips they take to the gym, and let the weight-loss which is indirect, take care of itself.

That makes a lot of sense to me, so I’ve avoided setting specific weight-loss goals, outside of my little ticker chart which lists an ultimate goal of 150lbs. That’s probably unrealistic and is, in any case, so far off in la-la land that I don’t even think about it.

But I still find myself mentally setting goals, even when I’m trying not to, and the most recent of these is “Under 350lbs by Twangfest” which is closely aligned with “Still under 350lbs AFTER Twangfest, because there’s a lot of calories in PBR”. Assuming I don’t pork up in the next week and a half, I’m good for the first half of that goal — 349 at this morning’s weigh-in. Now all I’ve got to do is survive the after parties, where I’ll be drinking my calories (something I normally don’t do).


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