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Encouragement and Discouragement

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On the one hand, the woman at Running Room was very encouraging when I went to buy socks last night. She said it was excellent that I had gone walking, even in the rain, and was generally very upbeat on the whole thing.

On the other hand, she asked me if I was walking further each day, and that’s where I’m feeling discouraged. Maybe a week is too soon to see any kind of improvements, but I feel like I’m working harder every day, and yet I’m walking less distance every day, as well. Today, only 3400 steps in half an hour.

I’m not sure if this is just pedometer wackiness, but I don’t think I make it as far around the block, either. It’s kind of bumming me out. Not enough to stop walking, but still. Bummed.

On the plus side, I passed a nice old lady while I was walking today who, I believe, said “Good for you!” and smiled at me. Of course, I had my iPod going at high volume, so she could have said “Get the fuck out of my way!” too.

But she probably wouldn’t have been smiling.



  1. Getting a pace down is important. After you keep the same pace for a while, then you can start thinking about increasing your distance.

    Comment by aemasu — 2009-05-05 @ 7:25 pm

  2. You definitely should be proud that you’re keeping a routine.

    Distance isn’t so much a thing to worry about, focus on where your body is every day. Each day, little fluctuations such as hydration level, amount of sleep and whatnot will result in your energy levels and muscle tolerance being different. Add to this that you’ve recently started walking a lot more and you’re bound to be tired, since you have been at it each day without a rest.

    In short: don’t sweat the distance!

    Comment by Pie — 2009-05-08 @ 6:07 am

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