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My left ankle decided about half way through the second lap of today’s walk that it was no longer interested in participating in this activity, and gave up. It didn’t hurt, exactly, though it sort of hurt, it just didn’t want to bend in any meaningful way anymore. That meant I had to do most of the hard work with my right leg, which made my right ankle none too happy, either.

I kept walking through the rest of the power portion of the walk, but when I slowed down for cooldown, it liked that even less, I’d guess because I spent more time standing on it. I hobbled back home to finish out the cooldown, and actually didn’t end up too far off my usual time for two laps despite the ridiculous speed of my cooldown pace, so perhaps I was just pushing too hard earlier in the walk? It hadn’t seemed like it was much faster than normal, but it’s really hard to judge.

Tomorrow is my rest day (and on the seventh day…) so I guess it has a day to decide how bitchy it wants to be on the subject before I have to really walk again.

This all seems somehow stupid to me. I mean, I learned to walk when I was 13 months old (totally not made up number, I just asked my Mom), you’d think 31 years later, I’d pretty much have it down pat, no? But it turns out to be harder than it looks to get the technique right.

I think I need to find something to do to strengthen my ankles, because they really seem to be the weak spot right now. Anyone have any suggestions?


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