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Reason #25: Because I want a Wii Revisited

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Back in Reason #4, I mentioned that I wanted a Wii and that was a reason to keep my house clean. And indeed, it is, and actually, even without ticky marks, that house cleaning thing is going not entirely terribly (assuming you don’t count how very badly the kitchen floors need washing), and I even have people over pretty much weekly now to play board games.

Trouble is, I have another reason not to get a Wii which is this:

I’m too fat for WiiFit.


It’s a fitness thing that fat people aren’t allowed to do.

The WiiFit board has a 300 or 330 pound weight limit, depending on who you ask, and despite the fact that it works fine for me (as I’ve discovered when playing at other people’s houses since they could start the balance board for me, and then I could use it), it simply will not let me use the balance board on my own.

When your video games are telling you you’re too fat, you’re too fat.


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