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Today, I walked less distance in more steps. Or possibly the same distance in more steps, once you count wandering around the car a couple of times while I rehydrated. In any case, it took me 3823 steps to walk maybe a tiny bit lower distance than I’ve walked the last three days, in about the same time as my Tuesday time.

The 300 step difference actually seems pretty dramatic, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Apparently stride lengthening is not a good thing to do when you’re walking, so perhaps it’s a sign that I’m finding better form. I wish I knew more about this stuff, so I could be sure.

I was really quite tired and sore when I set out this morning, but it wasn’t a huge problem for the walk. I could really feel the burn in my thighs towards the end, and then in my calves as I slowed down for my cool down. I think that’s because my thighs do all the work to move forward, so they burned while I was going fast, and my calves ended up carrying my weight if I was standing on them for a longer period of time, when I was going slow. But again, who knows? Not me.

I also wonder a lot about my pace, and whether I’m maintaining it and changing it as I walk. The workout suggests assessments based on how well you can breath, and whether you can speak in complete sentences to judge your pace, so I just say “This is a test to see if I can speak in complete sentences” periodically as I walk, and try to judge based on that, but I do feel like I sometimes slow down more than I should.

I’m fairly impressed that I seem to be maxing out my muscles before my lungs. That’s always been an issue for me — I’d have an asthma attack before I got much of a workout in — but I’m doing okay with the walking. Even with the SpeedLadder, I come out of it without coughing, but by the time I get downstairs and to my desk after my walk, my legs are like jello.


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