If This Were Easy…


Today’s status: pained

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I got up this morning and I was sore. Like, please, can I just go back to bed now, sore.

But I got out there, and I walked. A few more steps than I had previously, and a little shorter distance, so I guess shorter steps.

I survived, and didn’t even have too much trouble with the walk — I might have been taking it a touch easier than the first day, I’d guess because of the pain.

I also tried walking in the other direction around the block to see if it would help with my lower back pain. I feel like the problem is with one leg being a touch longer than the other (something my chiropractor has always told me was true), and perhaps with the sidewalks slanting towards the street. I did find my back hurt a little less today, so I think I’ll probably walk in that direction in the future.

I did buy new shoes, and also new socks, which are apparently much more important than I could have possibly imagined. Apparently my current socks are too thick and made of entirely the wrong thing. I kind of pish-poshed when she was trying to sell me the socks, but bought a couple of different pairs to try just in case, and well, I guess she was right.

Especially the pair I wore yesterday, which are basically a double-walled sock, which is meant to help with moisture wicking and blisters. And seriously, I already had a damned blister, but once I put those socks on, I couldn’t feel it anymore. Today’s socks were single-walled and comfy and nice, but not nearly as nice as yesterday’s. Plus, I totally sopped my feet in a few different puddles in those double-walled socks and I couldn’t even tell they were yet a moment or two later, so go wicking power.

Who knew there was so much technology in socks?

The shoes themselves are New Balance ones, because they were the ones that were wide enough for my both my toes and my instep. The helpful sales woman also made some points about tying my shoes properly. Apparently just leaving them tied all the time and slipping in and out of them is not correct. Who knew? I mean, I suppose I did, but I never imagined it really mattered. And it really matters.


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