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Yet More Things From the Pedometer

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So, the pedometer tells me that today I walked a 15 more steps and 1 more minute than yesterday. The one more minute primarily came because in the cool down period, I walked as far as I had the day before before turning back, but didn’t make it all the way back before my time was up. The 15 more steps are either just margin of error, or the walk up and down my driveway to grab my water bottle.

So that makes today’s pace a tiny bit slower than yesterday’s, but a) it was pouring goddamned raining out there b) I stopped for 30 seconds to drink water and c) it was a whole different style of walking anyway.

Yesterday was all these short rest vs. speed intervals and today was basically solid walking at a middle pace, but they averaged to very close to the same thing in the end.

I feel less dead today, though, so that’s nice. Well, actually, to be more precise, my lungs feel less dead. My legs are a little more stiff.

On the other hand, I was still when I got up this morning, and when I actually got out onto the sidewalk and started WALKING (as opposed to just, you know, bumbling around my house), I could feel that stiffness shake out of them pretty quickly, and it was kind of a nice feeling. I can sort of see how people could into liking this exercise thing, I suppose.

I will probably write a post later about shoes and socks. Won’t that be fascinating? I’m sure you all can’t wait.


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