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I Live on a Hill or Things our Heroine Learned from her Pedometer

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I bought a pedometer, and I had my doubts about its accuracy, given that while I was sitting here at my desk playing with it, it was counting steps. But I just took it for a walk around the block, and let it count while I also counted. The results were close enough that the margin of error is acceptable and is just as likely to have been my fault as the pedometer’s.

I mean, I can walk and chew bubblegum, but walking and counting?

That shit is hard.

Here are a couple of things I learned on this test walk:

I have a very uneven gait and one of my legs want to be VERY dominant as I walk. In particular, whichever leg I’m counting will be doing most of the work. It is probably best that I not count my steps on my own, or I’ll end up seriously hurting myself with that lack of balance.

1000 steps is fucking far. That 10,000 steps a day program seems insane!

I am fat and out of shape. I already knew this, but this was a painful reminder.

My “I’m walking for exercise here” pace is about 100 steps a minute, and it takes me a little less than 15 minutes to walk a little more than a kilometer. The latter half of that, I already knew.

The Dairy Queen at Keele & Sheppard, is a kilometer away from here. I knew this, too.

Whether those three things I already knew are somehow related is left as an exercise for the reader.

My brain tightly couples what my hands and feet are doing. Trying to count steps based on left leg footfalls while marking groups of 20 with your left hand is easy. Trying to count steps based on right leg footfalls while marking groups of 20 with your left hand is IMPOSSIBLE. (This is where doubts about my own accuracy creep in.)

My back hurts when I walk fast. I suspect this is a gait problem, possibly pronation related.

I live on a hill. Really. It’s totally there. I’m not sure why I never noticed it before, but goddamn it, there’s a definite upwards incline in the sidewalk coming from the North.


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