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Reason #23: Because my league is the dating equivalent of TimBits Hockey…

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… tiny and amateurish, not full of small children, just to be clear.

OKCupid, which is my public humiliation internet dating site of choice has a feature called ‘Quiver’ where they suggest 3 specific matches for you and encourage you to write them. I’ve been trying to write more of them under the assumption that if I have more first dates, I might eventually have some second dates. (The logic here is not necessarily entirely sound, but let’s pretend.)

Still, I very frequently look at the matches and think ‘out of my league’ and don’t bother writing them. That’s less of an ego blow than writing them and never hearing from them. Of course, it’s self-inflicted and ongoing, so it might be more damaging in the long run.


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  1. I’d offer up some thoughts on the dating thing from the male side of the species, but, a) I’m not exactly standard issue (read: I’m weird), and b) my dating record is pretty much awful. =P

    However, a suggestion here is to go ahead and write. If they don’t get back to you, then really, that’s their problem, not yours – and their loss, really. The chances of having a positive response go up with more options.

    Comment by Rusvul — 2008-11-01 @ 9:40 pm

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