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Filed under: curves, health, metapost — Easy @ 11:09 pm

I did not go to Curves yesterday on my regular day, as work stupidity prevented it.

I did go today on my non-regular day.

Do I:

a) go back and give myself a ticky mark for yesterday. I made it up, after all.

b) give myself a ticky mark for yesterday only if I also go tomorrow such that I’m back on schedule

c) give myself a ticky mark for yesterday if I also go Saturday, which makes more sense with the usual day on / day off schedule for Curves.

d) no ticky marks! you snooze, you lose!

e) ticky box! (but not really, because I don’t a have a poll plug-in installed)



  1. Ticky ticky boo!

    I mean, if you end up missing a day of the week you can not give yourself one for that day, but since you made this one up, go for it.

    trying to calm down from the killing rage that reading about politics gives her

    Comment by Pie — 2008-10-10 @ 2:46 am

  2. I will take option b

    Reason: I’m a bit of a stingy ticky-box giver with myself, that being said you definitely made it up, but the larger challenge is keeping it consistent which means making sure you didn’t throw off your schedule. If your regular schedule is a Wed / Fri and you do a Thurs(makeup)/ Fri then IMO you are back on schedule. Whereas if you push Friday off by a day again into Saturday you are yet again re-arranging te schedule, and I would think that a Saturday as a regular day has more chance to be screwed up by other life obligations than a Friday in the long run.

    But I’m Crazy: As most anyone who knows me will tell you. So don’t feel obliged to live by my insanity, its probably not sound advice.

    Comment by beaglesmuggler — 2008-10-10 @ 7:59 am

  3. I’m sort of contemplating Saturday for the additional reason that the gym will be closed on Monday (and is always closed on Sunday). So if I go today, it’ll be four days before I go again, where going Saturday sort of makes more sense.

    But it’s all going to be messy next week anyway, since Monday / Wednesday / Friday is out. Normally I just try to to DDR or go for a walk if the gym is closed on a Monday or Friday, but I’m cooking thanksgiving dinner on Monday so I’m not likely to break out of that and do DDR.

    It’s all very consternating. I’m leaning towards giving myself three ticky marks for getting to the gym three times in a given week, since that was the original goal, and MWF was picked for being the most obviously convenient schedule for such.

    Comment by Easy — 2008-10-10 @ 8:16 am

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