If This Were Easy…



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I had to go upstairs to turn the furnace on (for the first time this year, brrr), and while I was up there, my will power evaporated and I grabbed a couple of Q-tips from my landlady’s stash.


My ears were more disgusting than I’d ever thought possible.

Now I can’t decided if I never want to swab them again just so I never have to see that nastiness again. Or if I want to go back to swabbing them all the time so they never get that nasty again.

And just to repeat:



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  1. There has to be a ‘happy medium’ for you between too much and really kinda gross. I was yelled at by an otolaryngologist for overswabbing a few years back and had to adjust my habits. I’m sliding back into the ‘too much’ territory, but things seemed to go okay when I was keeping myself to once or twice a week.

    Comment by MsCongeniality — 2008-10-03 @ 12:18 pm

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