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My new water routine

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One of my things with drinking water is that I don’t like it too terribly cold.

The temperature it comes out of the tap is just about right. Unfortunately, the flavor it comes out of the tap is not right at all, so I have a water cooler with a filter thing on it.

The filter makes for yummy tasting water and not chlorine. Unfortunately, the temperature it comes out of the water cooler is not right, so I tend to leave it sitting on my desk for hours to warm back up.

Leaving it on my desk gets it nice and warm. Unfortunately, unless I remember to drink it at just the right point, it gets it too warm.

It’s a problem, as you can see. Not, like, oh my god, a Lehman Brothers is going bankrupt problem, but still, a problem of personal significance. Fortunately, as problems go, this one is not NP-hard.

My new routine is thus:

I filled a glass of water 2/3 full and left it sitting on the cooler overnight. By the next morning, it was very warm.

Filling the glass the rest of the way to the top with icy cold cooler water made it just about tap water perfect.

As soon as I fill one glass up to the top and take it away, I fill another glass 2/3 full and leave it sit there to get warm.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Thus, there is always a warm glass of water sitting on my water cooler, waiting to be topped up and made just right.

Sometimes the simplest problems have the most complex solutions… I mean … oh, never mind.


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  1. I don’t know what my husband’s obsession with icing everything he drinks is. TONS of ice in his waterglass, or he won’t touch it. I prefer room temperature water, probably because of wushu- it’s not good to drink icy cold water in the middle of a workout, it chills you. Sips of room temperature water are much better!

    Comment by Pie — 2008-09-27 @ 6:11 pm

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