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Calorie Tracker Smackdown Cont’d

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The larger comparison chart still exists, but I thought I’d do a quicker rundown of the pluses and minuses of each of the remaining candidates to help me decide which one I want to keep going with.

CalorieCountPlus DailyPlate Gyminee
Absolute Best Thing Recipe Analyzer! Food Database, which is easily the most comprehensive of those I’ve tried. Quick Add!
Other Good Things Letter grades on your daily diet (they’ve proved kind of useful after all). Not quite as nice as gyminee’s category arrows, but still useful.Cleanest, least scrolling search results page.

Cleanest display in general, especially for the basic food log.

Frequently used items and saved meals and workouts.% of daily values for fat, carbs, protein, and calories. Not as nice as gyminee, but still nice. Nice search options.Easy to refine search with the serach box pre-filled and at the top of your results.

The summary of whether you’ve met your goals on fat, carbs, protein and calories.

Nice widget

Absolute Worst Thing Profile page, which is either useless, or I can’t figure it out, one of the two. Totally useless recipe analyzer. Public profile page is pretty much useless.
Other Bad Things Inability to edit foods in the database, or simply say ‘I ate two of these’ for user entered foods.

Multiple clicks to add foods.

Tagging vs. automated frequently used list.

Multiple clicks to add foods.Doesn’t save search term so you can clarify without retyping.

Widgets cost $$$.

Moderately challenging recipe analyzer.Least items in database.

I believe I’m going to continue with the Daily Plate at this point. I like the usability of Gyminee, but the public profile is lame and the food database is also lame. CalorieCountPlus has its good points, too, but its key winner, the recipe analyzer, is something I can continue to use even if I use DailyPlate to track stuff. I’ll dump the recipe into CCP, and then copy the nutritional data over to the Daily Plate as a ‘user-entered food’ rather than a recipe (because DailyPlate’s recipe function is completely unfunctional, as far as I’m concerned.).

There’s one other site I’ve come across, “My Food Diary”, but I don’t think it offers public profiles at all, and it requires a credit card to even try the site. I might take a look at it and then cancel, just to complete my comparison chart, but I don’t think I’m willing to pay over $100 a year to track my calories, especially if it has no public profile. I’m going to go back to SparkPeople and FitDay to try and complete some of the comparison chart entries on them, as well.


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