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This week

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So I’ve been almost totally silent this week — didn’t even add a new thing, though I sort of started taking vitamins again. I guess that’ll officially be next week’s new thing.

It’s been a struggle this week to keep up some of my new things, but it’s actually been fairly pleasing to note that even on days when I feel like it all went to hell in a handbasket, I actually get most of my ticky boxes. That’s important, because it goes back to my all-or-nothingness. I’m often inclined to just throw a whole day away because it started badly, and this is helping me learn that that’s not necessary.

The fact that I didn’t brush my teeth for the first time yesterday until so late in the day that it would have been pointless to brush them a second time doesn’t mean I didn’t need to brush them at all. Or, when earlier in the week I hadn’t done my neck thing even once by close to midnight didn’t necessarily mean that I shouldn’t do it at least once. And that not keeping up with my wall-standing doesn’t mean I should stop drinking water.

This is a tough mental shift for me, because I’m very accustomed to just throwing in the towel on stuff like this and thinking ‘tomorrow is another day’. I think it’s healthy to start to realize ‘and an hour from now is another hour, and another task is another task’.


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  1. I approve of this perception shift! It will benefit eeeeeeevvveeerythiing.

    Comment by Pie — 2008-09-04 @ 4:08 pm

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