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Small Victory: Snatched out of the jaws of defeat…

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… or something like that.

I didn’t get a ticky mark for wall standing yesterday, because somewhere very late in my day, I realized that despite all the times I had thought to myself ‘I should go stand against the wall’, it didn’t actually happen.

That said, I did still stand against the wall twice before I went to bed, and for me, that’s a victory of sorts. I have a tendency to be very ‘all or nothing’ about things.

‘So, you had chocolate cake for lunch? Well, you might as well have chocolate cake for dinner, too, since you’ve screwed up already!’ my inner demon likes to say in moments like these.

It would have been easier to declare that since I wasn’t going to stand against the wall three times in 2 hours, that standing against the wall was a waste of time, but I did it twice anyway. And while it’s not quite ticky-mark level victory, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


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