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Reason #13: Because dessert should be a pleasure but not a guilty pleasure

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I like cake. I prefer my cakes moist and rich and covered in ooey-gooey icing, and caramel sauce and whipcream and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time.

When you’re on a diet, or fat enough that you’re supposed to be on a diet, that’s not the kind of cake you’re supposed to want. You’re supposed to content yourself with little sticks of dried out, pre-packaged cake-like substance topped with not-even-icing-like substance. Since it’s dessert (really, it says so on the box!), you’re supposed to enjoy it and view it as wicked and decadent. X-like-substance ain’t decadent.

On the other hand, if you do actually eat some of that moist, delicious, decadent cake, no matter how small a slice, you’re supposed to feel guilty about that. You can sneak it into some diets only by shedding high volumes of actual food, which is not exactly a healthy trade off.

I’d like to find a mental place where I can eat the occasional piece of good cake and not feel guilty about it, and never feel obligated nor interested in eating one of those faux-cake sticks ever again.



  1. This is one of the things that ruins a lot of food management plans. (I hate the word ‘diet’ – it has so many negative connotations.) Guilt isn’t really necessary – having a little bit of something that you like *in moderation* shouldn’t be considered a failing. Perhaps a reward. I usually have some ice cream (from a place that makes its own ice cream, the small portion, with minimal additions) on the weekends as a way of saying “see, it’s not all bad.” (But then I also rationalize that vanilla is a bean, so in essence ice cream can in fact be a vegetable… and I have a weakness for frappuccinos that I need to break.)
    My plan has been to cut my dinner intake in about half – though I still need to work on my portion sizes… Breakfast and lunch have generally been Nutribars or Clif Bars, as well as a fibre bar for breakfast and some vegetables for lunch. Dinner, I’ve cut out the processed foods (mostly to drop the sodium content to help the blood pressure), use more fresh vegetables, and have been cutting the carbs. It’s been enough for me to drop 50 pounds since I started last year, and I’m now edging downwards after being stalled for several months. The ice cream hasn’t had that much of an effect in the grand scheme of things.

    Comment by Rusvul — 2008-08-16 @ 12:05 am

  2. How about eating a lovely small slice of delicious cake but early in the day, then you go to the gym later? Moderate sweets are something I hope no one should feel bad about.

    Comment by Pie — 2008-08-16 @ 12:54 am

  3. Hrmm — that could work, but I’m more likely to do it completely opposite. I go to the gym in the morning, and if I eat cake, it’s most likely to be while I’m out at dinner. (See: turtles cheesecake on the buffet at Casino Rama this weekend).

    Comment by Easy — 2008-08-19 @ 8:05 am

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