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Reason #12: Because pretty bras rarely come in 42G

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And if you’re a 42G, you really, really need a bra.

I can make my own bras, and I’ve found a few places where I can find reasonably nice ones — though they run in the $150 range — but I can’t just walk into any random Victoria’s Secret and buy a pretty bra.

I’d like to be able to buy pretty bras in any store, not just a few fantastically expensive specialty stores or over the internet. While I’m not exactly excited by the thought of my boobs getting smaller (people do pay quite a lot of money to have them go the other way, after all), as long as they remain proportional, it would be nice for them to come down a cup size or two.



  1. Randomly, I was discussing the possibility of breast reduction with my parents a few weeks ago. I mentioned that I would have no respect for a doctor who would consider surgery before telling me to lose weight which…completely confused my father. My mother and I then had to explain *how* women’s bodies let go of extra weight and he genuinely didn’t believe us.


    Comment by MsCongeniality — 2008-08-08 @ 10:43 am

  2. I don’t think that all women lose cup sizes when they lose weight. I’ve known at least one lass who just had breasts too large for her frame (curvaceous lass, but ate well and walked to stay active) and was considering breast reduction to take the strain off her back.

    Speaking for myself, when I put on weight it’s fairly evenly distributed, but with a focus on my legs and lower belly. I’ve never experienced any breast fluctuation regardless of level of activity. (Except for the 6 month vegan period when I was eating ~3 blocks of tofu a day for protein and my breasts suddenly popped up a cup size. They went away after I cut way down on soy and re-introduced fish, though.)

    Comment by Pie — 2008-08-09 @ 8:08 pm

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