If This Were Easy…


Reason #11: Because I’m much cuter in my fantasies…

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I have a strong tendancy to daydream. If I’m driving or taking a bus or standing in line or whatever, I tell myself little stories in my head. Mostly, it’s Mary Sue-ism — I mentally write myself into my favorite movies, books and TV shows.

Or, more accurately, I write a more kick-ass, proactive, exciting, beautiful, super-power endowed me into my favorite movies, books and TV shows.

I hope that through the things I’m working on, I can become more like the kick-ass, proactive, exciting beautiful me that inhabits my fantasy world.

The super-powers will probably have to remain a fantasy.



  1. Wow, somebody else does this too? I always thought I was crazy.

    That’s actually the reason I started wushu. I was TERRIFIED of doing a martial art, and of failing at it, and having to be clumsy and unco-ordinated and stupid-looking in front of people.

    But it was so beautiful, and more than it scared the hell out of me, I was sick of being awkward and afraid and I wanted to be beautiful, too. It’s been eight years now, and I think of myself as a lot cooler than I used to. 😀 And people don’t guess that doing wushu in front of other people used to make me want to throw up. Ha HAH.

    Comment by Pie — 2008-08-01 @ 4:34 pm

  2. We chatted about the telling yourself stories thing in my writers group once, and while everyone in that group agreed that they all go around telling themselves stories when their brain is not otherwise occupied, the ones who had discussed it with other people had discovered it wasn’t all that common. Apparently it’s a writery sort of thing to do. Not limited strictly to writers, I’m sure, but it’s the same type of imagination, I guess.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that improv actors, LARPers, etc, all do it, too.

    Comment by Easy — 2008-08-01 @ 4:38 pm

  3. Yeah, I do this too. As a fantasy writer, I think I’m probably out of luck on meeting any of my fantasies, unfortunately. =P

    Comment by Rusvul — 2008-08-01 @ 9:00 pm

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