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Reality Bites

Filed under: life, midnight, progress, snooze — Easy @ 10:16 pm

I decided to return my bedroom clock to a semblance of reality. I have, in a battle with my snooze buttoning tendancies, adjusted my clock forward, rather than my alarm backwards, when I needed to be up a few minutes earlier. It’s gradually worked it’s way to 16 minutes out of step with everyone else in the Eastern timezone.

Since I want to go to bed at actual midnight, I’d like my clock to reflect actual midnight. So, I set my clock according to the time on my cell phone and then moved my alarm back from 8am to 7:30, which is really only getting me up 14 minutes earlier.

Depending on how I feel about that, I may change it back to 7:45, which is basically what it was set at before, when it said 8. We’ll see.


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