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It’s Midnight and I’m not in bed…

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…but don’t hold it against me. Though my specific criteria states that being out of the house after 11pm is grounds for going to bed late, I’m adding ‘having a cop in your house past 11pm doing an investigation is grounds for going to bed late’ to the list. I’m hoping it won’t be such a frequent occurrence that I’ll have to go back and formally edit it into the rules for my Midnight task, but we’ll see.

So, last week, I got a call from my bank to tell me that my Credit Card had been compromised. I assumed it was simply one of zillions that had been apparently stolen in a huge data security issue at Pearson Airport.

BMO (the bank that holds my card), canceled it and issued me a new one (which took an entire week to arrive, something I’m mildly irritated by), but wouldn’t tell me what the compromising situation was, nor did they mention the giant list of fraudulent charges that had actually been made on the card.

Today, I got the new card, and was finally able to log into the website again (canceled card = canceled web access, stupidly enough; it’s not like they’d want people to be able to quickly and accurately check for fraudulent charges on a stolen card in the few days after it was stolen or anything, right?) and noticed some gas charges that I found suspicious on a number of levels:

  1. Most of them were for amounts, that even at today’s ridiculous prices, correspond to a lot more gas than my car holds.
  2. Most of them were at PetroCan and UltraMar. I have speed passes for Shell and Esso and those speed passes have done their job in terms of ensuring customer loyalty. I never buy gas anywhere else.
  3. There were 11 of them in 5 days.
  4. The gas stations were in Quebec.

So, I called BMO to let them in on the delightful secret they’d apparently been keeping from me. Thanks guys! Don’t know why you couldn’t have mentioned this a week ago!

They promised to open a fraud file, and reverse the charges, but they first required that I file a police report.

I called the TPS general services line, thinking they’d direct me to my nearest division house to fill out some paperwork, but apparently Toronto cops make housecalls for this stuff. So, I sat around all night waiting for them to make that house call — which they finally did, approximately 5 minutes after I decided that it was too late for them to be coming tonight and got myself embroiled in a Spades game in Y!PP. Sorry, Y!PP Spades partner!

She took my report and then asked some general questions about what I do (since I had mentioned I worked from home when she asked for a daytime phone number). Turns out, she’s a giant Chowhound fan, so then we had a lengthy discussion about Toronto food culture, she filed the report and she left at 11:35.

By my reckoning, that gives me 20 minutes to do my wall standing, brush my teeth and get to bed, while still considering myself in bed by Midnight. So good night!


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