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This is why I changed gyms…

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I might have gone through all the not-so-sordid details in an earlier post, but as a summary of the history, I used to go to Curves near my office, and while I never much cared for working out, I liked the people there a lot, and they were very friendly and helpful. They also did amazing things like stop billing me in months when I couldn’t get my shit together enough to come in, even though I was still on contract.

Then, when I quit that job, I picked a new Curves that was nearer to my house. It wasn’t the closest one, but it was a Curves shining star club, so I figured it would be good.

Not so much.

The people there were so totally uninterested in the people on the circuit. They’d stand around looking bitchy and talk to each other, but never more than a hello when we came in for the customers. So, while I’ve been paying them for the last 2 years, if I’ve gone there more than a dozen times, I’d be surprised as hell.

So, as part of this effort, I decided to move to a different Curves, hoping to find one I’d like, and I went to visit the one nearest my house. Grace and Sarah have been nothing but wonderful. They chat, they dance on the recovery boards, they sing along to the music, they correct our form, they keep us company as we work out. They are what my first club was like and my second one wasn’t.

And just now, a few minutes ago, Grace phoned me at home. She’d noticed I’d been on the sign in sheets for the last week and this morning, and she wanted me to know that she was proud of me for coming in and working out.

I’m kind of tearing up over that, just because it’s so nice of her.

So, for reference of anyone who might be in Toronto and looking for a Curves:

Awesome Curves locations include:

Toronto, ON – North York Southwest
2355 Keele Street, Unit #16
North York, ON M6M 4A2
(416) 240-7733


Markham, ON – Southeast
550 Alden Rd., Unit 113
Markham, ON L3R 6A8
(905) 513-8821

Sucktastic, avoid at all costs Curves locations include:

Woodbridge, ON – East
9000 Weston Road, Unit 9
Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6
(905) 265-7716

(Which, in looking at the website I notice, has lost its shining star designation. Ha!)



  1. Ummm, why am I not surprised that the sucktastic curves is in Woodbridge.

    Really though the staff does make all the difference. My silly little artsy gym in liberty village keeps me from even taking a glance at the new uber Good Life, mainly because of the staff. The receptionist there is pure goodness & light, remembers my name when I haven’t show up in 4 months and always makes me feel good and positive. That’s something that money can’t buy.

    Comment by beaglesmuggler — 2008-07-28 @ 4:04 pm

  2. Aww, that’s so awesome! It’s so lovely when people enjoy their jobs and take the extra time to care about folks as people. 😀 I’m so happy for you that you found a good gym, and that you’ve been working out.

    Comment by Pie — 2008-07-30 @ 2:46 am

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